Amnesia Later: Toma

I’m sorry for the delay. /o\ Not only have I been extremely busy finishing up my thesis, I started Tales of Xillia yesterday against my better judgment and am finding it hard to tear myself away from it. I should be making steadier progress on Amnesia over the next week though!

Toma; CV: Hino Satoshi

Heroine approaches Toma who is alone. He directs her attention down to the river where Ikki, Kent and Shin are building a beaver’s nest to scare little kids. Shin initially went to stop Ikki and Kent from being idiots, but he got suckered into it lmao. The heroine then suddenly as a flashback concerning “school” “last year” where she had been with Toma. Orion suggests that she makes up an excuse to try going to school with Toma in order to jog her memory.

Here, you can make side conversation and ask Toma if he wants to join the guys in the dam building. He answers practically saying that he’s in a yukata (which would get wet and dirty), and that it would be better for him to go grab some extra clothes for Shin for when he gets done so he doesn’t catch a cold. He knows Shin would hate it if he did, though he’ll do it regardless (hey like we didn’t know he knows his personality is twisted ❤). Anyways, once the heroine tells Toma she forgot something at the school, he immediately suggests that they sneak in which unsettles Orion a little (“uh… is something wrong with him” lmao).

He asks what the heroine forgot only after they successfully sneak in, and if you answer law printout, he puts on his ‘(ಠ_ಠ) okay man’ face and says he could have just given her his from last year since the professor is infamous for pushing out the same assignments year after year. He then suddenly launches into a story about the school where a long time ago, a group of theater students used to practice in the very same hall they were in now. They were pulling a late rehearsal for a festival, when at some point a student went to the bathroom and didn’t return. They sent another girl after her, who also didn’t return… eventually leading to the boys manning up and venturing in the girl’s bathroom. In there, however, they found a sea of blood… and the dead bodies of the missing girls cut up everywhere, especially in their throat, that prevented them from screaming to their deaths. The perpetrator was soon found nearby, and in his hands a bloody pair of scissors… It is said that the screams of the victims that were silenced appear in bloody writing all over the walls. Don’t cut me… don’t cut me… DON’T CUT ME!

。゚( ゚இωஇ゚)゚。 。゚( ゚இωஇ゚)゚。 。゚( ゚இωஇ゚)゚。

Once Toma sufficiently freaks you the fuck out he… tells another scary story. ( ‘д‘⊂彡☆))Д´) パーン This one is about a psychopath that wanders the halls whispering, “do you know her?” There’s also one about if you fall asleep in a certain classroom, it explodes… another one about the story behind the scar in the wall, where the killer failed to land the decisive blow. Wait, what? I’m pretty sure he’s referring to Ukyou in these l m f a o.

Anyway, heroine and Toma eventually make it to the classroom, and Toma keeps watch while the heroine pretends to take the printout from the desk. Toma detects someone coming so Toma immediately dives under the teacher’s desk a la Ouran.

He apologizes and tells her that she shouldn’t be fine with this, and to not pass it off as okay because it’s him. It troubles him if she trusts him too much. He asks her to get up first since she’s on his lap, then his mind hits the gutter as he starts thinking, “yukata are pretty… thin… aren’t they…” ( ̄∀ ̄*)イヒ

Toma brings up the time when he, her and Shin had gone to the summer festival in third grade. Towards the end of the festival, they ended up psyching each other into sneaking into the school to test their courage. They’d managed to get in, but since they got detected by a teacher, ended up running all over the school. Toma talks about it fondly and thinks that when Shin isn’t there, it’s easy for him to mistake her as just his… especially tonight, since she looks especially beautiful.

Toma and the heroine collect themselves eventually and head back to the river, however none of the guys are there. Sawa and Waka come over to explain that at some point, Ikki tripped and fell into the mud, and to get revenge on Shin and Kent who stood pointing laughing openly at him (lmao dicks), pulled them down with him. Rika had gone to kick all of their asses and dunk their heads in clean water.

At some point in the conversation, the heroine remembers about making a promise to go see fireflies together with everyone. She, however, is unable to go on the date they were planning on because she has to accompany her father somewhere who is overseas. This was why Toma had tried so hard that day to gather the group and show her the fireflies. The heroine asks him why he is so kind to you, and he thinks it’s a silly question, because he would always do anything for you.

This is where the official After Story starts. We flashback to Toma’s ending scene where he reminds her that he won’t be able to hold himself back at just hugs anymore. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Except he doesn’t do anything and we just get a scene where they walk home… ok. Toma asks the heroine to stay at his place for a bit longer until the people on the internet calm down. The heroine says she wants to stay with him for as long as possible because she wasn’t really herself during the past month she had lost her memories, but she’s worried she’ll be a bother to him. Toma replies in a blushing mess (“why are you so cute asjdjajs”) and that of course she’s welcome to stay with him.

He promises he won’t lock her up again before leaving to let her change. He says she must be tired and hurting from the scars on her legs and shoulder, and both remembering how last night he fucking STRIPPED HER to see them they’re both just like “oops teehee. ///” Toma wonders how much he has to apologize for doing those things to her, and the heroine in true Mary Sue fashion answers that he may for as long as he feels better about it.

Toma and heroine cook curry and she gets a little depressed since he’s much more skillful at it than she. They get to the topic of Meido and Shitsuji where Toma admits that he never enjoyed going there because a. he finds the heroine too adorable in the maid outfit, and b. jealousy explodrama every time he sees her say, “welcome back, master ❤” to other guys.

Heroine: Then what if I do that just for you when we’re alone at home?
Toma: omg

They end up burning the curry because they were too absorbed in the conversation. \o/

Later Toma gets a call from Waka asking him to substitute in at work for two to three days. He’s worried about leaving the heroine alone, but the timing for this works out because he had been planning to look for a part time job anyway. The heroine remembers how he bought a lot of things for her during the time he locked her up and feels terrible about it, but Toma tells her that it’s OK since he pulled that money from his travel funds – the money he was saving for her and Shin for the three of them to take a trip together in congratulations of Shin’s high school graduation.

Toma emerges from the bath and we see him in pajamas for the first time… he explains that he always slept in normal clothes in the original Amnesia because he wanted to be ready for anything at any time. Nice.

He lets her sleep on the bed while he takes the floor again. The heroine doesn’t feel quite right about it, but Toma gives her a thousand reasons why that can’t take the bed (hurt so she has to rest alone, men are dangerous, she’s only there because it’s an emergency, since he knows she’s his now he can’t control himself, etc). When she keeps nagging he says he’ll sleep in the cage (what????) so she gives in and says tearfully that she won’t say selfish things anymore.

Her tearful face does him in so he comes over and promises he won’t do anything more than just hug her. She wants to turn around so she can see his face, but he doesn’t let her since he’ll start wanting to kiss her ~*and more*~. He thinks she’ll forgive him even if he did ~*more*~, but he doesn’t think she should forgive him so easily. He tells her that he’ll treat this week as a sort of a trial run: since he turns crazy whenever it comes to her, he’ll break up with her immediately as soon as he does anything that will upset her.

The heroine is so boohoo QQ that Toma is giving her an escape route like always and thinks she must convey to him how much she likes him, that is, that there’s no way she’ll want to break up with him.

Toma says that although he is cordial to others, she is the only one he can say he truly loves. The heroine points out that he had been willing to give her to Ikki, to which Toma answers that he was always ready to give her up; his wish was that she would become happy, not that he wanted to be with her.

The next morning, the first thing heroine does is call Toma’s name. Toma teases her about this, as well as the fact that she slept peacefully last night, therefore she must still see him as a childhood friend and not as a guy… heroine hurriedly explains that was because she knew Toma was right by her. Toma kisses her and tells her that he knows, and how it had been so trying to not do anything with her asleep in his arms. The heroine turns red as tomato and says it’s unfair to say that right after a kiss – and Toma is just like “I know ^_^.”

Toma leaves for work that day so the heroine, with nothing to do, goes to write in her diary like he used to. She writes August 26th: I became Toma’s girlfriend. Just then Rika comes over and we are subject to IKKI’S FAN CLUB DRAMA yet again, Rika would do anything for the sake of Ikki blah blah. Actually I had a bit of a raeg moment here when the heroine hits infinite Mary Sue levels and doesn’t get angry at Rika even the slightest for making her life literal hell for a month and almost killing her. The fuck man? Can we get the police in here? At least the FASHION POLICE? Get her hat out of my sight!

Anyway, the heroine comments how Rika’s incessant worrying over another’s happiness is just like Toma. She wishes she’d consulted her about her Toma problems, and Rika answers she wouldn’t have had decent advice for her since she had been pining for Ikki ever since middle school. The heroine says lol that’s ok I’ve been with Toma for 19 years.

… /facepalm

Rika wonders what’s so good about Toma, and the heroine says it’s because he’s kind and is constantly looking out for her from the shadows.

Rika: “Oh, like a stalker…”

He also doesn’t let his personal feelings get in the way of how he’ll treat someone, granted he’ll rarely forgive someone that wronged him once.

Rika: “Oh, so he has a bad personality…”

At some point the heroine mentions Toma is working in the same shift as Ikki, so Rika gets worried that what she did might have made things awkward between them. The heroine decides to go along with her to check on them at work. Rika knows all the goods spots to see what’s going on inside the store from the back, so they both peek in. Ikki, Toma and Waka are getting along, so all is peachy – until Toma notices them and puts on such a scary face that Rika and heroine get freaked out.

Toma catches them out in the front of the store and railing on them, especially Rika. The heroine tries to stop Toma, but he warns her that Rika almost killed her and that forgiving that would be too kind. He turns back to Rika and tells her that he knows all the covert watch spots, as well as keep tabs on all of them regularly – so she better not think that she can get away. He leaves them to ask Waka if he can get off early so they can leave immediately.

Outside, Ikki comments that he himself doesn’t know how to take them being together. He asks if they reconciled, and the heroine answers there is no reason to get upset at Rika. Even Ikki replies that that’s way too Mary Sue and Toma’s reaction is more normal. Thank you god for pointing out that the heroine is NOT QUITE NORMAL ABOUT TOMA EITHER /o\ Rika is just amazed that Toma’s stalker levels exceed her’s, and both Ikki and Rika ask the heroine if she’ll really be alright lmao.

Anyway, Ikki asks how she managed to confess to him finally, and she gets embarrassed and explains it wasn’t the kind of situation she can talk about freely. (“I WAS ABOUT TO GET RAPED AND IT WAS DRAMATIC AND THEN deus ex machina” – embarrassingly bad writing, indeed). Ikki is like awww but that’s the fun part and wants to take her on a bet. If he can beat her at darts, she’ll have to tell him. Rika intervenes and says that since he’s pro level at darts, that’s a bit uhh… and Ikki is like :( don’t give it away :( :( then how about cards?

At this point Toma returns so he and the heroine walk home. The heroine explains that she can’t be mad at Rika because she had been kind to her when she first joined Ikki’s fan club. Toma thinks her forgiving Rika isn’t entirely impossible since she was able to forgive even someone like him. He takes her hand, which reminds her of the time in elementary school when he had done the same thing when she forgot her gloves. At first Toma doesn’t think that’s right since he would have given her his own gloves, but remembers that he lent them out to Shin instead. That day the three of them had made enough mini snowmen to make a hinamatsuri doll set. Toma says that he found her and Shin’s delighted faces while they did this adorable. At this, the heroine gets a bit put out that he always saw her as a kid even though she’s only one year younger than him, but Toma reassures her that she was the only thing he had eyes for ever since he could remember. The heroine apologizes once more about Rika and tells him she was happy she could finally tell someone how much she loved him. Toma answers that’s unfair because he loves her so much he wants to tell someone, too, but there’s no one to hear him out.

If you suggest Shin all the romantic tension completely dissolves and Toma is like /o\ What kind of a punishment game would that be /o] That’s more embarrassing than telling my parents /o\ Just imagining it makes me want to disappear /o\ Shin’s hellfrozen gaze omg /o\ lmfao. If you suggest the heroine, Toma recounts his entire sad obsessive love history. Just like she wrote in her diary, Toma wondered everyday whether he would get to see her and hear her voice. They eventually drifted apart as they got older, though he realized that he loved her just about when he entered high school. She treated him with the same warm smile, so he convinced himself that she continued to see him as only a brother, and so he tried to give her up. He didn’t want to lose that closeness as her childhood friend, so he didn’t think to confess. The heroine comments that her attitude was unchanged because she’s always loved him.

Finally at home, they talk about how Toma had done all the laundry for her when he locked her up and how he was forced to perfect the technique of loading and unloading her underwear without looking lmfao. The heroine offers to at least clean while he’s out since she’s so free, but Toma says he’ll just accept her feelings since as a guy, there are some things he doesn’t want for her to see…

But of course we’re going to look. The heroine immediately finds an album full of… pictures of her. Toma is like aosdijfoasidfjasjid orz before explaining that they were legit pictures taken by the school during cultural festival, the school trip, and so on, so it’s not like they were… stalkerish… right. She points out there are ones from the year after Toma had graduated, so he explains he asked an underclassman for those. He also asked a friend in the movie club for a reel she was caught in so he could print the shots with her in it. You’re not… helping your case here…

Of course since this is the Diamond world the heroine out-kimois Toma and drops the bomb that she did the exact same thing for him via Shin. Toma recalls the time Shin had complained his phone camera was acting up and asked to use him as a test subject, so it was probably then. He’s like lol Shin must wonder what the hell we’re doing and the heroine is like lol yeah he called me an idiot (but sent the pictures anyway, score!).

That night they sleep together in the same bed again. He’ll treasure her since he has to answer to her parents’ trust for him, too. He also tries to say something else, but stops. Later he trails off that he has no intentions of breaking up with her, but he must face some retribution. If she won’t punish him, then… /ohh drama

The next morning Toma updates her that thanks to Rika’s efforts, the hate activity on the internet should calm down soon. They decide to go shopping for the day, and you get the option to go back to a lingerie shop across the street from the one that gave Toma so much grief in the original Amnesia. FABULOUS! Toma only agrees to go because it’s a different shop away from that crazy worker, but it turns out that she works at both places and she HAPPENS to be working at this one. She pulls him inside and tells him that the new line is a front hook style that will make the heroine’s boobs look even bigger than they are ajdsf lmfao.

You also have the options to go to a game shop, sweets shop and pick up an apron so she can embrace her aspirations of becoming a housewife. \o/ The heroine recalls that Toma’s mother made awesome pancakes, and Toma tells her to come over some time to ask for the recipe. He says it won’t be a bother at all since his mother is always saying that she’s lonely that she hasn’t seen the heroine as often – and also vigorously hinting that she would like a daughter… Toma gets a sense that she means it in that way but of course the heroine is too derp so she’s just like lol I guess if you got a younger sister at your age you’d be kind of troubled Toma. :) On their way back, they talk about making nabe since it’s a bit chilly out.

As soon as they get home, however, Toma gets a call and he leaves to take care of it. The heroine derps around for thirty minutes until she hears Orion’s voice warning he to go after Toma quickly. (Hey are they going to explain this???? da fuq?) She is convinced by the disembodied voice and runs out to see Shin punching Toma in the face.

She tries to stop Shin, to which he calls her a dumbass for trying to protect someone that deceived her, fed her sleeping drugs, and even caged her. She says it was all her fault that things went awry because if she had just told someone about the bullying, Toma would never have unleashed his inner yandere. She thought she would just tough the bullying out since it was only a week before she planned to confess to Toma once and for all. Shin asks why she didn’t think to rely on him, and she answers that telling him would have led to Toma finding out because he’s sharp as hell – and if he discovered the reason behind the bullying, he would find out about her feelings towards him. Shin berates that their codependency is disgusting and if she’s okay with the things Toma did to her just because she likes him, but the heroine explains that the bullying around her was scarier than anything Toma did to her. Him being by her side actually helped her out, and she believed in the childhood promise he made her to always protect her.

yay recycled cgs

Shin is still pissed off since he knows Toma picked a spot hidden from sight to meet with him so that even if Shin beat him to death, no one would call the police on him and make trouble. Shin says that the way Toma considers others’ well being over his own even in this kind of situation is really shitty and he better fix it or he’ll never see him again. Toma muses that he needs the both of them to always set him right, which leads to Shin punching him again and saying that they need him just as much. He wants Toma to stop trying to take on everything alone and leaving himself room to run away – true brothers can’t cut ties that easily.

Scene skip to Shin saying, “why (ಠ_ಠ) am I here doing nabe with you guys (ಠ_ಠ) In that kind of situation I’m supposed to go.” Toma and the heroine both team up to fix Shin’s hand he hurt punching Toma lmao and make him promise to come back tomorrow night for another round of nabe.

When left alone, Toma asks if the heroine will finally go home after dinner tomorrow. She doesn’t want to, and says she can’t understand how couples can just wave and happily say goodbye to their significant other… just imagining separating from Toma makes her want to cry. Toma says he doesn’t want to return her home tenfold.

If she says she doesn’t want to return, he’ll take on the responsibility to talk to her parents and explain their situation and relationship. She’s the only one for him, so either he’ll love her all his life… or, love her all his life, and live hiding it. From the beginning, those were his only choices. He proposes to her then and there, asking her to live forever in happiness with him.

The next day, heroine wakes up to Toma explaining to his own mother first. Toma’s mom is cool beans and she’s like, “www isn’t your order of things messed up www Shin’s told me you’ve been living together for 2 weeks already!” She also says, “Us and her parents both have been waiting for the announcement you decide to secretly live together under our noses!!! We’ve been anticipating your marriage for so long! But so slow!!!!! We thought you were going to live together as soon as she went to university! Stupid son!” etc etc Toma is basically rendered speechless LMFAO.

After that tiring conversation, Toma psyches himself up again to contact the heroine’s parents overseas.

August 28th
I became Toma’s fiance.

Time skips to October. The heroine and Toma are meeting outside for a date, though they end up talking about housework like laundry and the trash lmao. On their way to the Ferris wheel, Toma takes her hand. She thinks about how it’s become natural for them to hold hands, as have kissing each other good mornings and good nights.

Toma: What are you thinking about?
Heroine: About… happiness, I guess.

On the carriage, the heroine tells Toma she finds it hard to tell her friends that she’s living with him because she’ll get carried away if she starts explaining that they’re living together with the intent to get married. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Toma says he wants to kiss her, but he’s willing to hold back since she’s so embarrassed to be seen by other people. She gives in to his teasing and admits that it will be okay once they get to the top since no one can see them there.

During their ride, they see a little girl waving at them from the car ahead. The heroine thinks about how they’ve gotten engaged, how they’ll eventually marry and someday even have kids… Toma says that he can’t quite put his feelings into words because they’re happiness, and at the same time something beyond that. He tells her he loves her, and she answers that she does, too. He finds that those words are the things he’ll ever need to grow stronger and protect their future together, and as they approach the top, asks her to close her eyes…

Completion CG


Toma’s massive martyr complex made me want to hurl a brick in his face more than once, but his ending was absolutely perfect. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ I’m sure a lot of people can relate to having proposed to their childhood friends when little, so Toma’s story made me feel extremely nostalgic and happy that they could stay together until the end. It really made me miss my own childhood and wonder how my “fiance” is doing now; I wish I didn’t lose contact with him when I moved away. ww In any case, Toma’s route = fuzzy happy feelings for people that like the childhood friend type as much as I do.

6 thoughts on “Amnesia Later: Toma

  1. I must admit that Toma looked hot in his completion CG but overall his whole route felt so kimoi to me lol. This was made worse by playing Shin’s route ( ಠ益ಠ ). I hope you can supress your rage when playing it cause sure as hell couldn’t!

    • Oh that’s just great since I was planning to do Shin next. \(^o^)/ Toma’s route reminded me how awesome he could be with calling people out on their stupidity, but I guess I should throw all my expectations out the window before starting!

  2. Toma … is I dunno, I kinda have a mix feeling about him, He is cute and I can say he loves the heroine a lot but the cage fetish is freaking me out. Can’t wait to see your review about Shin ^_^

  3. LMFAO I FEEL SO SORRY FOR SHIN. I wish I chose the “You could tell Shin” option when talking to Toma to hear him be all like “oh god no way” wwww but seriously, first in Ikki’s route Shin has to hear Ikki talk about the heroine all day and then imagining Toma going to him too xD;;

    Overall I was like WAI WAI WAI HINO SATOSHI at the beginning but then near the end I felt exactly like you did and wanted to chuck a brick into his face. I swear Toma is the King of Misunderstanding or despite his keen senses of observation he can be amazingly obtuse and ignorant in other areas. His whole route, once again, felt like a misunderstanding.

    Both of their parents were waiting for them to get together but Toma is like “nope nope she only sees me as a brother~ lalalala”… URGH. He wanted so badly to live together with her when they attended the same university but he thought her parents would refuse him.. /sighs Toma…

    It feels so odd playing such a normal feeling game after BWS xD;; and now it’s on to Shin’s terrifying anger-inducing route for me~!

    • IKR! Poor Shin leads terrible lives in all iterations of the Amnesia world. He doesn’t even get a break in his own route as you’ll soon see. \:D/~~~~

      I think that all-knowing attitude Toma tends to adopt is a fatal character flaw that we as audience are supposed to get exasperated with. :D It’s great because if you think about it, none of Amnesia’s characters are perfect (except maybe Ikki… but his fangirls that are so prevalent in all he does deduct like 50 points off any enjoyment you might derive from his route lmfao). I’ll moan and complain about how much x annoys me in a given Amnesia character, but at the end of the day, those flaws are what makes the characters who they are. ♡

      • That’s true! No matter how much I groan about them milking Amnesia, it does have some pretty solid writing for the characters. I wish we could have had just a general route though ;w; like maybe in the New World when she made the promise with everyone, I wish we didn’t have to choose someone to go off with. I love the group antics that everyone gets into ww like Ikki and Kent making a dam to scare off children. I heard Ukyo’s route gets into a water fight too.

        I look forward to the endless rage in Shin’s route 8D Instead of a moe wall I’ll have a huge table flipping wall www


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