DRAMAtical Murder: Noiz

Noiz doesn’t say much, but what does come out of his mouth has the tendency to piss off Aoba and the others. \o/ He is seemingly obsessed with getting Aoba to have a Rhyme rematch with him ever since he lost, like a kid raring to prove that he’s still the best. There are other sides of Noiz that contrast sharply with his calm demeanor which surprise and utterly confuse Aoba the more time he spends with him. In addition to being an expert at picking fights, Noiz’s skills in information gathering and hacking are unmatched. Noiz’s route concerns themes of loneliness and independence.

For the portion of the common route that this branches off of from, please refer to this post.

Aoba finds Noiz in the living room who demands that Aoba fight him in a Rhyme battle this instant, since he allegedly remembered having done it before while he was inside Mizuki’s mind. Noiz tries to provoke Aoba by accusing him of having used Scrap up until now to do screw with people as much as he wanted to, but Aoba tells him angrily that he really doesn’t remember anything about Rhyme other than having participated in it. When the time comes that he feels he’ll be able to face Noiz on the equal footing that Noiz wants him to be, he promises he’ll fight him again.

Aoba is sleeping when a call from Virus wakes him. Virus lets him know the police are coming to surround his house soon on charges of him being a terrorist. The group scatters as they make their escape. As Noiz and Aoba are running, they get hit with a Rhyme battle. Noiz leaves it to Aoba at first, but after confirming that Aoba doesn’t know how to fight, he takes care of the small fry himself. Out in the real world, Aoba gets angry Noiz didn’t step in before Ren had to take damage. Noiz berates him for worrying about a machine over himself.

As they’re arguing, Noiz and Aoba both get sent a game App which leaves Aoba with an invitation to Platinum Jail. Noiz mentions this game, Silent Oath, must have been modded because when he played it a long time ago, there wasn’t a scene like the one they just saw. Aoba gets a another mail from Haga that tells them where they can infiltrate Platinum Jail from.

Akujima catches up to them but Noiz knocks him out by making a blood fountain out of his nose. (ꇐ‿ꇐ) They make their way to the entrance to Platinum Jail and get directed to an area named Green Playground by an obnoxious panda.

They move to the marked place on the map, which turns to be an inn. Noiz seems to dislike the interior of the place, saying that the design seems old, then asks Aoba for his Coil so he can try hacking into where the Platinum Jail invitation was sent from. Noiz tells the hesitant Aoba he won’t look into Aoba’s personal information “at this point”… because he could do it any time. (・_・ )

Noiz can’t get into the source, leading him to conclude it must be a trap. Noiz tells Aoba to be more alert since Rhyme confrontations have been on the rise recently, too. He then mentions that Usui, the rulekeeper, was made 6 to 7 years ago. Since Aoba played Rhyme about ten years back, Noiz wonders if the free-rule environment of Rhyme challenges wasn’t the norm for Aoba. At Aoba’s dismissive answer, Noiz gets annoyed by Aoba’s half-assed attitude towards Rhyme and swiftly goes upstairs. Aoba rolls around getting more annoyed by the second until the softness of the sofa compels him to sleep.

The voice he hears during his dream tells him to give in, and acknowledge “him” – and once he does, everything will become easier and go his way. Aoba wakes up, but the first thing he notices is that Ren isn’t by his feet like he usually is. He follows a sound upstairs and discovers Noiz tinkering with Ren. He angrily takes Ren back.

Noiz gets annoyed at him again for getting so worked up over an Allmate, and Aoba fights with him – until he notices an injury Noiz incurred when Aoba forcibly took Ren back. Then they start fighting about Noiz letting Aoba see his wound lmfao. (´≖‿≖`) Noiz tells him he’ll take care of it himself and shuts himself in his room. Left alone in the living room, Aoba asks Ren what Noiz was doing. Ren answers he was researching Ren’s personality AI, and while poking around, removed a worm Ren sustained during the earlier Rhyme confrontation. Feeling guilty now, Aoba tries to go see Noiz to apologize, but Noiz doesn’t answer the door. Aoba whispers that he is sorry through the door and goes to his own room sleep.

The next day, Aoba gets Noiz some coffee, and is relieved Noiz is talking to him normally. Noiz burns his mouth from the temperature of the coffee, however… and freaks out about it for a full minute while continuing to hold on to the cup of Krakatoa. Aoba has to remind him to put it down. /o\ Aoba tries to make sure his hands weren’t also burnt, but Noiz snaps at him and walks himself over to the fountain to run them under the water himself. Aoba tries apologizing for last night, but Noiz says there is no need. He was simply interested in Ren as he’s one of the first Allmate models and Aoba insists on using him. No one Noiz has seen since 3, 4 years back when he moved to Midorijima and started playing Rhyme was using Ren’s model even then. Noiz also says flippantly that he removed the worm on a whim so there’s no need for Aoba to thank him. When Aoba tries to say that’s not the issue, Noiz cuts him off and asks if he isn’t hungry, and leaves Aoba to go outside.

When Aoba finally catches up to him, Noiz is buying every street food he can get his hands on. He’s not troubled by money due to his job as information seller in the Rhyme network. He doesn’t know what takoyaki, crepes, etc. are all called, which Aoba finds hard to believe and thinks Noiz is punking him at first. Noiz apparently has never seen them because he’s lived off delivery pizza and pasta all these YEARS… \o/

As they talk, Noiz steals takoyaki straight out of Aoba’s hand like a little kid. He’s also 19… which explains the gap in his calm exterior and childish actions. As Aoba tries to process this, he sees an advertisement for the Toue event that Tae was talking about – but when he turns to Noiz, he’s gone AGAIN.

When Aoba finds him, he’s surrounded by a group of yakuza (armed with knives!). Pretending to apologize to them, Aoba inches closer and closer to Noiz until he can grab his arm and they can both make a run for it back to the inn. Noiz is obviously pissed off Aoba got in his business, and Aoba manages to convince him this was for the best since groups like them are as persistent as natto. Just then, Aoba notices Noiz’s hand is covered completely in blood. Noiz tries to reject Aoba this time, too, but Aoba topples him over and tells him if he really doesn’t like him, he’s welcome to hit him. Noiz stills then, and Aoba goes to fetch first aid items.

As soon as Aoba is done tending to him, Noiz fires off a series of accusations. He says he doesn’t understand what Aoba means by doing this – or rather, he must have done it because it will be convenient for him to have Noiz’s skills around for later. Aoba angrily insists he has no ulterior motives, which leads to Noiz reaching another… conclusion. He suddenly takes off his hat, then kisses him.

Noiz: This is what you meant.
Aoba: ……..NONONONONO!!
Aoba: W what are you doing?! Isn’t this weird!?
Noiz: What is.

If it wasn’t to use him, Aoba must be after him. /o\ Aoba is struck utterly dumb at Noiz’s conclusion, which leaves him open to Noiz’s advances lmfaooo. As Noiz forcibly presses kisses on Aoba’s lips, Aoba feels something clink against his teeth. It’s not that Noiz is especially good at kissing, but it’s been a while since Aoba’s done this, so he gets…

Noiz: What. Are you hard.

Aoba defends himself by saying that it’s a natural physical response, and Noiz offers to jerk him off for him, given that Aoba does the same. When Aoba is like THIS IS WEIRD Noiz uses his same argument that it’s just a bodily response, nothing more and nothing less. Noiz hauls him to his bed and tells Aoba it’s lame to keep freaking out. Aoba calms down eventually; Noiz isn’t putting any deep meaning into doing this, so Aoba decides to see it objectively as well.

When Aoba strips Noiz, he’s surprised by the piercing he has down there. He notices he has piercings in other parts of his body as well, even his tongue (which explains the clinking when they kissed), and asks if it hurts. Noiz says no. Noiz whispers into Aoba’s ears if he won’t get a piercing, too. He wonders if Aoba’s ears are sensitive, and offers to pierce them for him.

Aoba comes first, but Noiz barely seems to be feeling anything even after all the touching. Aoba thinks this is abnormal… but as an older person and a guy, he can’t stay the only one that came, so he takes Noiz into his mouth. Aoba is driven by wanting to make him come, and to see Noiz’s feverish face. Noiz tells Aoba he wants him to do it harder, and harder, and to bite – Aoba is obviously VERY hesitant to do this, but the first time he does it, Noiz’s face twists in pleasure. Aoba takes this response to go with it.

Aoba thinks Noiz’s honest reactions were… cute, and the fact that he could make Noiz come gives him a weird sense of accomplishment. Noiz leaves to take a bath first, offering to go in together – only to take it back as a joke. Aoba thinks to himself why Noiz would come to the conclusion that Aoba was after him, but can’t get a good answer.

Aoba wakes up the next morning to Ren informing him people are surrounding their building. Aoba goes to alert Noiz, who makes no move to follow after him then says he’ll run away by himself. The group turns out to be yakuza from the day before. Aoba and Noiz manage to escape, only to run into… Akujima. He turns his megaphone into a FUCKING LASER CANON??? and starts shooting them. Noiz manages to close in on Akujima to beat him to submission. …Or not, as when they have their guard down, Akujima resurrects with a zombie scream and aims at Noiz. Aoba moves to save him as a voice in his head rings to use his powers. 「沈め」- “fall.” Akujima crumples to the ground.

Noiz glares at Aoba. He recognizes the voice Aoba just used as the one he heard during their Rhyme match, and accuses Aoba of pretending to not remember when he could use it all along. He roughly handles Aoba and demands that he give him a rematch. Aoba gets angry he’s getting treated like this even though he saved Noiz, so he asks him why he’s so obsessed about their Rhyme match. Noiz tells him he’s the one he doesn’t understand. He shouldn’t continue saving him because he’s simply sowing what he’s reaped – this incident with the yakuza included. If Aoba thinks having him around will be useful, or he just wants to fuck him – fine, but he better stop tending to his wounds and doing other necessary things.

Aoba laughs in disbelief and asks if that’s how he’s seen him all along. Noiz confirms and says that’s what people do: everyone moves to satisfy their desires, and the only possible motivation to help others is to give oneself the advantage. Aoba tries to explain saving people who are hurt around him has nothing to do with their usefulness to him, but Noiz isn’t convinced.

Their conversation is interrupted by a text from Entrapped Princess, who says that “all the doors are open.” Despite this being probably a trap, Aoba and Noiz head to the Oval Tower together. Sure enough, the entrance is open, so they let themselves in. Noiz starts working on bugging the floor security to mask their activity right away, but they get spotted by a dog Allmate… which happens to be a mobile laser weapon JFC. Aoba covers Noiz and gets burnt from the laser as result. They find shelter in one of the rooms on the floor.

After they hide, Noiz asks why Aoba protected him AGAIN and says he doesn’t give a shit if he dies. This escalates into a fist fight. After a while, Aoba notices something off in Noiz’s reaction to his blows; Noiz eventually reveals that he can’t feel anything, least of all pain. This is why he’s been insisting there’s no need to protect him. All the wounds he’s sustained up to now have healed by him leaving them alone. It doesn’t make a difference whether he’s hurt or not since his lack of sensation makes as if the wounds aren’t even there.

Aoba feels saddened when he hears this, however. Since Noiz doesn’t know pain, he can’t understand the pain of others nor the ones he inflicts himself. Aoba tells Noiz he’s protecting him because he wants to. Even if Noiz tells him to stop, it doesn’t matter to him since he’s just doing what he wants. If Noiz finds that annoying, then he should try to listen to what Aoba says more, and Aoba will consider Noiz’s point of view in return. He wants Noiz to think more about him, too. Aoba, if a bit clumsily, tries to explain to Noiz how to be more understanding of others.(♡´∀`♡)

After some silence, Noiz tells him it’s the first time he’s met someone who said with a straight face to “think about me more” lmfaooo. Aoba’s the first person that approached him without pulling themselves away him or for his body or money. He reveals that he came from a wealthy family, but ever since young, he caused a lot of problems for his parents when he unknowingly hurt other kids (since he didn’t understand the concept of pain). His parents in turn called him an embarrassment of the family, told him to avoid others, and locked him up in his room. At first, he cried a lot from the loneliness, but as he grew to be able to do a lot of thing alone, he became okay with solitude and completely stopped caring about others.

Aoba pulls Noiz to his chest and tries to comfort Noiz with his body heat, like how Tae used to do to him as a child to calm him when he was crying so hard that words had no effect. Noiz struggles a lot at first, but eventually stills. Aoba tells him that the one thing he can part to Noiz is that the world is not as bad as he thinks it is. Noiz answers that he doesn’t care. Aoba patiently returns that it’s not that Noiz doesn’t care, it’s that he doesn’t know. Noiz then asks if Aoba will teach him about the world… and Aoba is surprised by his answer, but teasingly says that he’ll consider it if Noiz can grow to think about Aoba more and promise not to do risky things. Aoba feels happy that he was able to understand Noiz a bit more.

As they move to leave, Aoba founds that his burn wound hurts too much for him to stand. Noiz hands him a white handkerchief from his pocket (from his bocchama raising lmfAO) for him to wrap the wound with, but he still can’t move. Noiz leaves by himself to look for first aid materials, and leaves a bunny cube with Aoba just in case. He looks as if he’s going to leave, but suddenly turns back from the door and kisses Aoba – “see you” – before leaving. Aoba is left to ajosdfjJfd by himself.

However, Noiz still isn’t back after 30 minutes. An emergency announcement for tower employees to evacuate rings then, which pushes Aoba to go looking for Noiz. He eventually makes his way to the office on the top floor behind two red doors. Noiz is indeed there, but he doesn’t respond to Aoba’s calls. Ren warns Aoba, “it’s coming,” and he suddenly gets sucked into a Rhyme battle. Aoba loses the fight and they get transported back to reality, but Noiz continues to assault him. A voice inside Aoba’s head tells him to use his powers to enter Noiz’s mind.

Aoba finds himself in a pitch black space broken by a single block of light. The voices around Aoba continue repeating how much of an embarrassment and monster Noiz is, presumably those belonging to Noiz’s parents. Aoba eventually finds his way to a translucent Noiz locked up inside this dark room, but Noiz takes no notice of him – he can’t “feel” him there. Aoba remembers that Noiz’s tongue is the only place he can feel, so Aoba kisses him. He tries to express to Noiz that he’ll accept all of him, so he must come back.

Then we go through a visually trippy journey back thorugh Noiz’s memories with Aoba, with distorted text and CGs with black blocks of death that made me freak out because I thought my computer kicked the bucket. At the end, you get a series of choices that lead to either the Bad 1, 2, or Good Ending.

Bad Ending

Aoba finds himself trapped in a world Noiz “truly” wished for. They are still in Noiz’s mind, in the locked up room, but this time, Noiz isn’t alone. Aoba is with him.

The more they touch, the more they hurt, but they’re unable to move; they are trapped here forever. Aoba thinks that this isn’t reality; Noiz isn’t really feeling pain but simply deluded himself that he is. Noiz licks at Aoba’s blood, muttering that it all hurts so much, but sounding ecstatic about it.

Aoba is with him, and he feels pain. These two define happiness for Noiz. He laughs maddeningly, and the screen fades.

Bad Ending 2

You just return to the title screen lmfao I hope you saved! ( ‘д‘⊂彡☆))Д´)

Good Ending

Noiz says a place where you don’t feel anything is lonely. You don’t know what others feel, so you don’t know how to conduct yourself before them… but no one understood that part about him. His parents probably wished that he died quickly, and that’s why he wanted to continue living to prove them wrong, all alone. Noiz purposely threw away the principle of relying on others believing that once he gets used to living alone, he will be okay all on his own. Aoba says that Noiz already understands that’s wrong; Aoba has already gotten involved with Noiz despite it all. By insisting on a Rhyme rematch with him, Noiz has developed a need for Aoba, too, in his own way.

Aoba asks why he’s so obsessed with Rhyme, and Noiz explains that the mental sensation of damage taken during Rhyme makes him feel alive, not like a monster that can’t feel physical pain. He was the strongest Rhyme player because he still didn’t fear taking damage, or inflicting it onto others – until he lost to Aoba. This is why he wants to battle him again and win. Aoba says that what he’s saying contradicts itself: his wanting to Rhyme in itself shows his desire to connect with other people, since it’s a space that allows him to be more “human.” Noiz is not alone – Aoba won’t let him be alone. He’ll destroy Noiz; destroy this world he is entrapped in.

The darkness of Noiz’s mind breaks, and Aoba wakes up back in the real world. The voice inside his head – the other him – laughs and repeats that “it’s over.” Aoba suppresses him and makes way over to Noiz, who wakes up. Aoba then blacks out as the voice inside his head rings clearer and clearer: “It’s all over. Give up. You knew it would come to this, didn’t you?”

“It’s the end for you.”

Aoba screams as his headache reaches a climax. He remembers everything, about him – his Other – and his Scrap powers. The other part of him is a destructive persona that wants to bring death unto all. Since Scrap is a destructive power, the power in itself is a manifestation of him. The more Aoba uses his powers, therefore, the bigger this other part of Aoba grows, eventually growing powerful enough to cannibalize his surface personality. The balance between them has now broken after Aoba used it to enter Noiz mind and destroy his solitude. But Aoba doesn’t regret using his powers at all, since making Noiz wake up would have been impossible alone.

Noiz apologizes to Aoba and explains he got caught by a masked guard who sang a song to hypnotize him. Aoba’s Other interrupts again and repeats the words, destroy destroy destroy destroy destroy destroy destroy. The Tower system suddenly freaks out at this and starts to collapse. Noiz tries to pull on Aoba to get a move on, but since Aoba knows his Other will take him over soon, he flings Noiz’s hand away. Noiz pauses, then stares at his hand…

Apparently after Aoba used Scrap on him, Noiz’s sense of pain is now back. Noiz angrily says he won’t leave Aoba behind after he messed with him like this. Noiz punches Aoba to make him snap out of it and says he’ll think of something to keep Aoba’s powers from going out of control and harming others. Since it gave him his sense of pain back, he growls that it can’t be all bad.

On their way out, Noiz says he feels he can understand what Aoba meant by knowing pain allows you to want to help others. Noiz acts on this soon enough as he covers Aoba from some falling debris. Aoba carries the injured Noiz in princess style and they run to their happiness through the rain of concrete. \o/

In the aftermath, Toue has been dismantled and everyone has more or less returned to their daily lives. Noiz has been hospitalized for his wounds, and Aoba has been visiting him everyday. Today, he brings Noiz some of Tae’s donuts. Noiz pretends to be uninterested in the donuts but Aoba knows he loves them. (✿˘艸˘✿) Noiz drops some crumbs while eating, which Aoba laughs at him for because he’s like a kid in these unexpected ways.

After Aoba picks them up, Noiz suddenly pulls on his arm and says he wants to talk to him. All the people that got involved with him before were either after his body, his money, or for their own self-satisfaction. He initially found Aoba annoying for this reason, but after getting his sense of pain back through Aoba, he realized there was emotional pain, too. When he covered Aoba from the debris, he was acting on the thought that he’d rather die than have Aoba be killed. He’s truly grateful to Aoba, and… Noiz pauses here, until he manages to say, “I want to touch you want more time.” His hand slides down to Aoba’s and he asks what Aoba thinks.

Aoba knows that the more he got to know Noiz, the deeper he found himself getting involved with him – and interlaces his fingers with Noiz’s as his answer. He then goes to lock the doors and draw the curtains just in case, which Noiz teases him for. He’s hesitant to start, since he can’t help but think about about what they’ll do if someone comes inside – and Noiz tells him he’ll make it so that Aoba can’t think at all.

Enjoyyyyy sexy times \o/ and the adorable exchange afterwards in which Aoba thinks Noiz’s childlike laugh is adorable.

After Noiz’s recovery, Aoba fulfills his promise with Noiz for a Rhyme rematch. In the third turn, Noiz holds himself back from making the finishing blow even when he could have won, and Aoba says with a smile that it’s because Noiz has learned real pain. Aoba focuses all his energy into offense for his next turn, a move that hurts him since he’s overexerting himself. In the last minute, Noiz cancels his defense shield, saying that he’s not so much a sadist to enjoy seeing Aoba in pain.

Three months after the battle, Aoba hasn’t been able to get in touch with Noiz. He’s disappeared after their Rhyme battle and giving Aoba congratulations for his victory. Aoba thinks Noiz must have something on his mind, though. Haga enters the store then and hands over to Aoba a white box, suddenly telling him how happy he is to be spending these days with Aoba again… uh… the three brats enter the store at this time as well, and per their daily routine, one of them lets out a hage slip. As they run for safety, they smack headfirst into…….

Piercing-less Noiz decked out in a suit??????

He’s like did you worry? Were you lonely? Did you miss me? This b r a t lmfao then he kisses Aoba in front of Haga and the all kids l m f a o WAKE WAKARAN /;v;\

Noiz explains that he left to set straight all his unresolved issues. He went back to Germany, reassured his brother who had been looking for him all this time, and apologized to his parents. Today he was here to bring Aoba back with him.

Noiz: You’re coming, right? …That wasn’t it.
Noiz: You’ll come for me, right?

Aoba hesitates because of his own life here and Tae, but Haga reassures him that they’ll always be able to see each other. The kids ask Noiz if he is a girl lmfao because if he’s a guy, why would he like another guy like Aoba? Noiz answers it’s not that he likes men, he just likes Aoba. Mio hands Noiz a love letter she’s probably written over a thousand times since the first time Noiz kissed her hand, but Noiz, after thanking her, says he has Aoba and sweeps him off his feet like a princess.

look at Haga being a fudanshi LMFAOOOOO

They probably get married and live happily ever after as Germany allows same-sex marriages (as Pixiv fanarts loove to point out). (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧



They describe Noiz as a gap character, and I have to say those little moments where Noiz does something completely unexpected – be it kissing or revealing that he carries around a handkerchief – either had me laughing or going jasidfju in surprise. Hinocchi was great at making Noiz seem serious and composed. \o/ It made Noiz’s childish sides seem as jarring as the writers probably intended them to be. Overall, Noiz’s dialogue had great comical timing. Compared to Clear’s route, Noiz’s was much more lighthearted and cute, but people probably related more to his themes of loneliness and Spartan independence.

It’s obvious that Noiz is such a kiss demon because his tongue was the one place he could feel, but I liked how the narrative took this into consideration when describing how Noiz kisses. He doesn’t just… stick it in everywhere. The scene in the Tower where Noiz kisses Aoba as he’s about to leave, for example, Noiz licks Aoba’s lips after they part them.

Story-wise, liked that little detail about the worm the writers left in there. The worm will bring a lot of trouble in Ren’s route as we’ll see, and it’s interesting that they were detail-minded enough to address other possible outcomes that could come out of this (and closing them off). As we know from other routes where Noiz isn’t there to take care of the worm, Aoba doesn’t get challenged to a Rhyme battle during his escape-the-police sequence.

Noiz’s route has a passing mention of a masked guard that sings as well. Since I did Clear’s route first, I was able to make the connection right away. I loved that the individual character routes are different enough in DMMd to not be redundant, and especially how they compliment one another. We’re talking minute details, but these connections show that each route is filling a part of the bigger picture and all have something unique to contribute UNLIKE IN A CERTAIN OTHER VN… NO, I’M NEVER GOING TO LET THIS GO. WAIT FOR MY RAGE BWS.

4 thoughts on “DRAMAtical Murder: Noiz

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  2. Noise’s route is like the most s萌萌萌gwt635ywg萌sfgdSFHGEW5YBs萌萌dbfds route ever afssfadafdafdaasfda.

    Ahhhh I read from Cool-B that they cut out some of the CGs and scenes from his route or something…which is a pity cause I would have love to have more of Noise’s route. His first ero scene was so sexy! ///w/// Hino’s voice is so seductive oMFg and it’s so fun to see Aoba being the submissive and reluctant one for someone who’s like four years younger than him. But the hospital sex scene just killed me, everything was so hnghhh. Noise you wonderful erogaki!! ////////// Andand Noise makes such a good boyfriend. |D;; /shot. Excuse me while I eat my ovaries.

    When I heard about his age, it was a total wtf for me cause I used to thought that he’s like older than Aoba at least five years or something. Sometimes I feel like Aoba acts more like a big brother to him but it’s also adorable like that nonetheless hnghhh. PRECIOUS BBYS. I could go on about how adorable their relationship is forever. ;A;

    • Hinocchi was unbelievable in the first scene AND ONWARDS… /)_(\ He was really great as Noiz and made at least half the character for me. I thought that the way Noiz pushes around Aoba so much just by the sheer force of his brattiness was hilarious. xD Aoba has his pride as the older one but he like… only occasionally gets competitive about it lmfao. All other times Noiz totally has him on a leash. \o/

      Noiz would make a great boyfriend, just look at him, he’s basically a German hunk of a prince!

  3. Ahhhhh Noiz post yesssss *__*

    Without a doubt my second favorite character! (with Ren…….)I’m not going to lie, I didn’t think I would like him so much so that’s why I played him right after Clear, at that time I had the hots for Koujaku from the character designs but nope, he ended almost last in my list sobsss. But yeah, I ended up all over Noiz in the end 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

    I totally agree with you about how people may relate with his story—mostly because it happened to me. Speaking from a very personal point of view while playing Noiz I totally saw on him some of my past self, which made me even notice how with time and awesome people besides me I managed to change little by little. This time N+C gives us a very realistic character (if we forget about the fact that he can’t feel pain, obviously www) with background and story that really appeals the reader and manages to teach you something with both endings \o/ I like how I always end up all SASUGA N+C,etc www

    Taking Noiz more in consideration as a character and well his route in general I think that the flow was perfect. Noiz doesn’t trust anyone other than himself so it would be obviously be hard for him to believe in Aoba, but our protagonist never fails and manages to get his trust but with a lot of effort and without falling in the “OMG YOU MUST TRUST ME, WHY DON’T YOU TRUST ME, I’M DIFFERENT” etc. I really loved that from this route ;_;!

    And well, Hino hhnnnnnggg such a good job XD Not just he managed to perform just as you could imagine Noiz, also their sex scene in the hospital is my favorite mostly ’cause holy shit I’m pretty sure I was red as a tomato while reading and listening to them…. I think Noiz is one of the guys that makes the most erotic sounds as a seme, which is something I really like from BL games and cds :x

    …Oh yeah, also Mio’s face in the last cg is priceless www

    aaaaaaaaand again I went all tl;dr…. ごめんなさい。ごめんなさい。ごめんなさい。俺なんかが生きていてごめんなさい。俺みたいな愚図が生きていてごめんなさい。wwww /smacked


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