DRAMAtical Murder: Mink

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Mink is brutal when it comes to accomplishing his goals; he outright tells Aoba that he intends to make use of his powers to his own end. Members of Scratch hold great respect and fear of Mink, and Mink accordingly maintains composure and sense of authority at all times. He doesn’t explain his agenda to anyone which makes it hard for Aoba to understand him. Mink ultimately stays true to his own philosophy, but this in turn also saves Aoba.

For the portion of the common route that this branches off of from, please refer to this post.

Mink reveals that he could tell Aoba had unnatural powers by the movement of his vocal chords. Aoba may not remember, but Mink has heard his voice before and recognized that fact immediately. (Think back to that one time Aoba almost got run over by a motorcycle \o/) This is the reason why Mink sought Aoba out. He tells Aoba that just having a power in itself is useless; he plans to make use of it.

Virus alerts Aoba that the police is going to surround his place soon and charge him of being a terrorist. The group scatters as they make their escape. Mink and Aoba, after they get some reprieve, get sent a game App from which Aoba procures an invitation to Platinum Jail. They are directed to an area named Black Valley (how cheery-o).

They head to the marked place on the map, the inn. Aoba ends up falling asleep for 2-3 hours on the couch; when he wakes up, Mink’s “nameless” Allmate (“you,” “hey,” or “Bird,” according to Mink) informs him there are bedrooms upstairs. Aoba sees Mink in the upstairs lodge and asks what he intends to do in Platinum Jail. Mink answers he’s here to destroy Toue, but refuses Aoba to tell his reasons.

Mink rouses Aoba in the middle of the night to take him to a club for some unfathomable reason. The club they enter uses light hallucinogens – drugs designed to get people high via light rays. Aoba is absolutely terrible at taking this, however, and has a “bad trip,” as Mink puts it. Aoba loses it as his Other persona takes over his body and he stumbles downstairs to the dance floor where he starts to indiscriminately use Scrap on those nearby. Aoba eventually reaches a state where everything seems ridiculous and hilarious at the same time – he collapses, unable to stand any longer, simply giggling to himself. Mink tries to haul his sorry ass out, but Aoba’s Other personality whispers to Mink he wants Mink to completely destroy him (since the Other always craves destruction). Mink asks if this is the “real him” before commencing…

sexy teimzzzzz drunken sex in the club o ye freshman year of college all over again yeah Aoba? /inappropriate

Aoba makes it, or is carried rather, safe and coherent back to the inn. Ren tells him his powers were about to get out of control back there, and Aoba doubts that Mink took him to the club to help him relax like he said; he suspects Mink knew something like this might happen to him.

The next day, Mink throws Aoba a piece of bread for breakfast and they head out again somewhere. Their destination is a warehouse, where Mink’s Lib team members have managed to sneak into and establish as their base in preparation for a certain “plan.” Akujima unfortunately busts them and the warehouse basically becomes a war zone. In the skirmish that ensues, Mink throws wheat flour causing the police to cease fire out of fear it’ll catch fire. Aoba tries to use his powers to command everyone to stop fighting, but not only the police, but also Scratch members are affected as well and they all collapse. Because of reinforcements, only Mink and Aoba manage to escape.

Back at the inn, Aoba wallows in self-pity for not being able to utilize his powers fully and directly causing Scratch members to getting caught. Mink pulls Aoba up by the collar in a death grip and tells him he’s wasting time on stupid shit like a child. If he won’t pull himself together, then he’ll force him to.

He roughly handles Aoba’s hair (which remember is extremely sensitive – this is VERY painful for him), then tells him to turn around and put his hands on the wall. Aoba angrily tries to resist, but Mink repeatedly beats on him. Aoba grits out that he’s not Mink; he can’t just be told these things about his powers and accept them so easily. He only considered using them in return for Mink’s favor of finding Tae. Mink tells him it’s fate that he was given these powers, so if he wants to hate anyone, he should hate God. He’s not the only one that is burdened with something like this; everyone is, and copes with fate in their own way. He has to be the one to decide what to do. Aoba says he doesn’t want to use his powers, but he wants to know what he is. Mink smirks and in order to achieve what he truly wants, he must throw everything else away.

… Then he fucks him. (´・ω・`) Through the overwhelming pain, Mink repeats to Aoba that whenever he sees him, he must remember this pain. He must feel this pain, feel him, with every inch of his body, and bear its mark. Aoba passes out and the last thing he feels is Mink lifting and carrying him.

When Aoba wakes, everything hurts – but he also feels relieved of the guilt and uncertainty he felt in response to everything that had happened recently. When he goes downstairs, Mink throws him an USB and tells him it’s a program for Ren to disable all the security Allmates in the Tower. Aoba refuses to install it since it’s uncertain how this program will affect Ren, and Mink brusquely tells him if they fuck this up, it’s over for everybody. Ren manages to convince Aoba that he’ll be alright; Mink’s objectives are the same as Aoba’s, and he trusts in Aoba to be able to fix him if things go wrong.

By the time Aoba finishes loading the program, Mink is on his Coil talking to someone. He overhears Mink saying that he “has someone to hand over.” Mink refuses to answer what that was about, of course, and does nothing to address Aoba’s suspicion that he had been talking about Aoba himself. That night, Aoba decides that he has had enough and attempts to run away… an attempt that ultimately fails. Mink abuses him into submission back at the inn, repeating that Aoba cannot hope to win against him. His resistance is what’s bringing him pain; everything will become easier once he submits to Mink’s superiority. Aoba’s compliance is beaten into him, the moment which feels to him like a “switch went off in his head,” and he does find it less painful – perhaps even a little pleasurable. Mink reiterates that this is what happens when he goes against his authority.

Eventually, the pain clouds Aoba’s consciousness and he passes out – to the effect of his Other persona rising to the surface. The Other says that he can tell Mink wants to control all of Aoba, including his powers, but he won’t go Mink’s way. He smugly tells Mink to try his hardest however.

Aoba comes to briefly after the Other quiets, only to pass out again. He wakes up later in a bed, and hazily recognizes that Mink is sitting in the corner of the room. Aoba thinks that Mink looks as if he’s giving a prayer, and closes his eyes. He feels Mink stand and draw closer to him; and the smell of cinnamon, Mink’s scent, gently wafts over him. It calms Aoba and he peacefully drifts off to sleep. The scene fades with Mink softly touching Aoba’s hair.


The next day, Mink is watching TV in living room. On it, Toue is apologizing to Platinum Jail citizens for the disturbance by the terrorists, referring to the skirmish between Scratch and the police that Aoba and Mink narrowly escaped from. He reassures they will be punished, but to forgive them out of the goodness of their hearts. The broadcast makes Takao seem like a good guy and the terrorists like scum; Toue expertly used Scratch as an appeal tactic, which angers both Aoba and Mink. Mink declares they’ll get him at the Tower tonight.

Mink grabs his bike off a building near the Tower and FLIES INTO THE WINDOWS damn man this is cool shit.

They run over people and up the stairs, all the way to the top floor where Toue awaits. Toue reveals that he had been observing them ever since they entered Platinum Jail. He calls Mink the sole survivor of proud god’s people, then proceeds to apologize for using his entire clan as research fodder oh my god this motherfucker. Mink’s tribe harvested a certain herb for medicative purposes; by either breathing in its fumes or consuming it directly, they calmed and relaxed the body. Doing so however had a side effect of brief euphoria. Apparently, consuming the blood of these tribesmen (who absorbed this medicine into their bloodstream) would give the same effect of ecstasy for an x amount of time. Mink’s tribe, however, refused to divulge the secret in order to protect their sacred pact with God. Toue was left with no choice but to analyze their blood samples (and presumably experiment on their bodies directly). Toue offers Mink a deal: if Mink would tell him the secret, then Toue would grant him any wish. Mink spits that the only thing he wants is Toue’s life.

Toue busts out a masked guard dressed in white who starts singing a song that affects both Mink and Aoba. Inside Aoba mind, his Other tells him, “just get him. It’s simple. I can see ‘it.'” Aoba suddenly flashes back to a Rhyme street battle and recalls that he had seen ‘it’ many times before. In fact, he had exploited ‘it’ – the other person’s weakness – to secure continuous victories and relish in the destruction he caused. Aoba’s flashback of that battle continues as Aoba’s opponent is identified to be dead. Virus and Trip remark that the opponent had his brain crushed directly. At their words, Aoba realizes that the weak points that he had been seeing were parts of the human mind that should never be touched.

Back in reality, Aoba screams from the rush of memories he doesn’t want to see. He snaps out of it when Mink grabs his arm, though he himself promptly collapses. The masked guard and Toue are nowhere to be found. Before Mink loses it completely, Aoba uses Scrap to enter his mind and try to save him. He finds himself in the midst of a forest fire and feels a burning sensation all over his body.

Bad Ending

You get this ending if you save random people twice – each time you do, there’s a disturbing giggle. Aoba stumbles through the horrific scene and eventually finds Mink bound in chains, who breaks out of them rather easily. They are running to make their escape when Mink suddenly grabs Aoba and tells him there’s still something left to do. The scene changes back to the forest where they ran from.

Mink says that he is not sure if they can both get out alive, so he will throw away everything that’s unnecessary. His hands suddenly grab at Aoba’s neck and choke him unflinchingly as he calmly explains that the head has been believed to be the most important part of the body among his people. The head houses the soul, so as long as one protects the head, evil spirits are unable to bring harm. Mink moves on to say that he had felt Aoba was the same as him, that he was his kin; they both hold two opposing forces of life and death’s destruction. Aoba desperately thinks that he must get away since Scrap has failed – by saving the tribesmen earlier, he ended up changing the past, befuddling Mink’s mind. Mink however leaves Aoba his last words that he’ll take Aoba with him… Aoba’s soul with him, forever. The screen blacks out and there is a sound of Mink knocking Aoba out. What follows is a sickening dripping sound, and then…

Good Ending

Don’t save anyone like a douchebag and you get this ending. Aoba finds Mink strapped to a chair in chains. When he tries to approach Mink, even commanding him with Scrap that Mink should be able to move of his own will, chains shoot out and bind Aoba instead. When Mink lifts his eyes and sees Aoba, everything flashes white and they find themselves back in the Oval Tower.

While inside Mink’s mind, Aoba learned of Mink’s true wish: death after fulfillment of his mission. Mink’s spirit (will to live) died at the same time as his people. Aoba, however, broke that resolve when he commanded Mink that he can move forward. Mink seems calm and doesn’t seem to mind that Aoba found out his true wish though. He simply tells Aoba he has the same scent as he does – one opposite of life.

They decide to move forward and chase Toue down to wherever he went. They run into Akujima on the way, but Aoba manages to use his powers to keep his police forces from moving. Scratch members join the party at this time and help hold the police off as Aoba and Mink go ahead to Toue’s hiding place.

The small fry catch up to them, however, leading Mink to try securing Aoba an escape route. Aoba knows that letting Mink go now would be the same as leaving him to die since he knows Mink intends to die after fulfilling his mission. Aoba tries to tell him he’s alive now, not dead, but Mink moves on ahead to Toue alone regardless. Aoba considers whether he should have forced Mink not to go, e.g., by using his voice, but thinks that even if he stopped him now, Mink would return to carrying out his mission no matter what; his will is that strong. As the doors close behind Mink, Aoba gets a crushing headache, as if it’s punishing him for failing to stop Mink.

Toue, left alone with Mink, suddenly commands in a Scrap-like voice that Mink will never be able to die…

Aoba is escaping the tower on Mink’s motorcycle, which is controlled by Mink’s Allmate’s AI loaded into it. Ren disables the defense dogs on the way via Mink’s program, but he gets knocked out as a result. Further on, they run into Akujima AGAIN, though this time his eyes are foggy showing that he has been possessed. Aoba lets the Scratch members go on ahead, while finding the resolve to use Scrap of his own will.

Meanwhile, Toue explains that his “powers” work like a “seed.” Even if Mink kills him, it’ll be like living in hell for him since he won’t be able to achieve death. Mink laughs that he moved as expected. Aoba already (unknowingly) commanded him something, which exceeds the imitative power of Toue’s seed. Aoba told him that, “you’re alive.” When one is alive, one can also die.

Aoba, on the flip side, successfully disables Akujima. As the tower collapses, Mink’s Allmate says that his order was to get Aoba and the Scratch members to a safe place. With Akujima in tow, Aoba escapes on the motorcycle.

Mink, his deed done, prays to the gods and his bygone ancestors with a bloodied knife in hand. He says his long journey is over, and he will embark on his second one. He will be joining them soon…

In the aftermath of the tower’s collapse, the Toue conglomerate has been dismantled and everything has returned to normal. Aoba has resumed his job at Heibon, and today, the only occurrence out of the ordinary is a prank call which cuts off without the caller saying anything. Once Haga informs Aoba he’s free to go, Aoba walks home while thinking over all that’s happened. Mink has gone missing since the Tower’s collapse, and not even Scratch members have heard of his whereabouts. He recalls Mink’s words about you yourself deciding your own path, and decides that he wants to get to know Mink; what he was thinking during their time together, and what Mink thought of him. He decides to leave Midorijima to seek him out.

Mink’s evaded him countless times, but Aoba finally comes upon the view he saw inside Mink’s mind. The plains before him are now lush and alive. He also finds Mink in his original form, with nothing to hide, and everything to bare. Aoba thinks that his red hair and yellow eyes are just like the sun.


So Mink occupies the same character type as Shiki in Togainu right ;;; It’s extremely hard to digest the things they do, but you understand the reasons behind them. The abuse Mink indiscriminately hurls at Aoba goes to show that he embodies what he preaches: throw away everything for the sake of your goal. Usually characters that say this are like… loners who cut ties with family or some shit, which doesn’t really compare on the scale of committing something psychologically damaging as rape. That is to say, the rape should NOT BE SEEN AS SOMETHING ROMANTIC – it’s nothing more than power play. Mink’s route is NOT ABOUT ROMANCE. There is no romance here! Rape is not supposed to be romantic! THEY DIDN’T KISS ONCE. This was INTENTIONAL. DID THE CAPS DRIVE IN MY POINT? The scene where Mink touches Aoba’s hair was meant to show his compassionate side that only the members of Scratch were privy to, not necessarily marshmallow feelings he holds for Aoba in his delicate heart that makes him raep Aoba because he wants him so much. I mention Shiki because I feel fan reaction to Mink would have been very different if he was a sparkling ikemen. I’m not defending his actions really, but I feel that Mink deserves more consideration as a character than just “rapist.”

But haters gonna hate, while Mink won’t give a shit!

One thing that felt distinctly different about Mink’s route was that Mink holds all the fucking cards here – he jerks Aoba around everywhere and it’s noticeable how much power Aoba lacks in this route. We don’t even get to find out Mink’s full agenda until towards the end, and everything gets settled by Mink’s terms. This is very different compared to the other routes where Aoba builds up trust with the other character and teaches him something gradually. I loved it because it’s true to Mink’s character, but of course some people are content to leave him as a rapist… ( ‘д‘⊂彡☆))Д´) I also noted that as much as Aoba saves Mink, Mink helps him formulate and commit to his own path in life. The mutuality is there, but it’s just a wee bit more subtle than in some of the other characters’ routes.

8 thoughts on “DRAMAtical Murder: Mink

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  2. I don’t know about you but Mink in his final CG looked like Tarzan to me. www

    I don’t like it when he rapes Aoba and uses major violence on him but yeah I agree with you, I get a bit irritated when people excused him as nothing but a rapist too. Though that being said, I still can’t really like Mink’s character and I don’t know whyyyyyy. TT.TT I felt like his route sort of lacked something compared to the others since he’s the dominance by violence type of character, I expected his route to have the most depths to his character. ||OTL And I’m a bit confused at the good ending…did that happened in Aoba’s mind or reality? From what I got from my crappy knowledge in Japanese and summaries by other people, it happened in reality? savfergwsbd.

    • LMFAO TOUCHE but Tarzan does not come with a fabulous trench coat like Mink does! \:D/

      Yes, I think it would be a problem if someone enjoyed the rape. ww Mink was the type of character that grew on me after I had time to distance myself from what he did and really sat and thought about what made him tick. He has less eye-to-eye interaction with Aoba compared to the other characters, but they nevertheless achieve an understanding of each other soooo I thought it was just a different type of relationship, not lacking necessarily.

      The good ending happened in reality of course. \o/ Just curious, what made you think it might have happened in Aoba’s mind?

      • Cause it felt really unexpected to me…like it happened all of a sudden (or I think it’s just me not paying attention to the dialogue dskfvsdkgmvsd). I mean Aoba’s like “Oh god I miss Mink I wanna see him!” and then another scene opened and poof Mink’s on the cliff admiring the sunset. That got me a bit confused. I thought Aoba was hallucinating or something LOL. OTL

    • It’s okay to not like his route! I just don’t like people indiscriminately hating on him, because chances are, they didn’t even consider his character before writing him off.

  3. Hello, Suri-san, this is kinda like a really really really late comment for this post but I found ur blog jz after watching Mink’s route (eng patch on YouTube) and felt like I could chip in my thoughts abt Mink. My fav pair so far (I still haven watched Ren’s route) is Noiz x Aoba btw. Anyhow, I agree that rape is not romantic but I felt Mink’s rape in DMMd is kinda diff from the usual “seme desires uke so intensely he cldnt help it”, which is frequently employed as narrative technique in many yaoi plots. Not sure if it’s jz me but my sentiment is dat Mink’s intention was to release Aoba’s “true nature” – which Aoba himself expressed when he was high, dat he wish to be destroyed/ruined. Considering the more spiritual nature of Mink compared to the other characters, it may have been more about forcing Aoba into a deeper layer of his subconscious – and we noe later that Aoba indeed has a rough past he wanted to forget – and confronting that Other self in order to be liberated. This spiritual liberation is Mink’s love for Aoba. “Rape” in this case is a means to achieve this end, in Mink’s character logic and importantly, in the context of a BL game fictional world (we clearly differentiate “rape” as BL fiction device from the actual act). Perhaps wat I said overlaps with yours? I’m not sure. Anyway, I luv Nitro+Chiral so much! My OTP for Togainu no Chi is Shiki x Akira =D I enjoyed reading ur blog too! Thank u!


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