DRAMAtical Murder: Ren

I’m so excited to bring you this post because this is where absolutely everything in DMMd is revealed and tied together in mindfucking proportions. It answers the mystery behind White Aoba, Aoba’s Other, Aoba’s hair, Entrapped Princess’ identity, the origins of Rhyme and Usui, the figure that always appears as the Oval Tower collapses… Virus and Trip will get you started on the crazy plot train and Toue will shove you off the fucking tracks once he unveils the meaning behind the game’s title, “DRAMAtical Murder.” I think about 60% of the plot is revealed in this secret route. ALL THIS MATERIAL. UNVEILED AT ONCE IN NARRATIVE MASTERY.

DMMd is so great omg sob sob gross sobbing all over my keyboards (ཀ д ཀ)

This branches off the common route in this post. This route is technically these guys’

but mainly this guy’s



There are slight dialogue add-ons (where you constantly check for Ren’s well-being) throughout the story until you get to the part with Mizuki.

Aoba gets pulled into a Rhyme battle with… none other than Toue and his unidentifiable blob of an Allmate. Aoba pretty much gets annihilated and Toue tells him he won’t be able to stop him at this rate.

In Aoba’s dream which ensues after he passes out, he’s entrapped in a black space. He feels as if he shouldn’t be here, then suddenly gets a feeling that his right arm has been consumed clean off with a sickening crackling sound.

After Tae reveals everything about Aoba’s powers, Aoba thinks back to the Rhyme battle and realizes Toue has his eyes on him already. On his bed that night, Aoba can’t sleep, so he wakes Ren up and tells him his worries. Talking things out with Ren calms him and Aoba thanks him with the forehead touch they usually do.

As Aoba escapes from the police raid on his house, he gets hit with yet another Rhyme confrontation. Aoba and Ren take care of the challenger swiftly. Afterwards, Ren reports that something feels a bit off but that he hasn’t sustained any notable problems. The route follows the same song and dance of Aoba being sent a game App, procuring an invitation to Platinum Jail, Haga directing him to the entrance and meeting the obnoxious panda mascot. Ren and Aoba get sent to an area called the Midnight Coast.

Ren is for some reason breathing heavily, so Aoba hurries to the resting area marked on the invitation to have a look at Ren. Nothing off shows in the analysis, so Aoba wonders if it was physical damage. He pats all over Ren’s body, but decides he has to dig inside to find anything. Ren asks Aoba to stop touching him since it… feels weird. Since the problem doesn’t seem to interfere with Ren’s usual functions, Aoba tells him to let him know as soon as it feels worse. Aoba picks him up like usual and apologizes for not being able to take care of him; lately he’s been failing at things one after another. As he moves to touch their foreheads together, however, Ren stops him with his tiny paws.

Ren won’t explain why and only evasively says he just feels off. Since this has never happened before, Aoba starts getting extremely worried.

The next day, Aoba checks out an Allmate shop for Ren’s parts. He tries asking the store attendant about one of Toue’s special events scheduled for tomorrow, but she tells him not that many details have been released yet. After failed information gathering, Aoba notices Ren staring at the case with the most recent Allmate models. Their specs are very advanced and allow for not only better performance in Rhyme but also more convenience in daily life. They also don’t require manual maintenance like Aoba runs for Ren nearly every day. Ren suddenly asks if Aoba would ever try one of these newer models, but Aoba answers he doesn’t need to since he has Ren. Ren insists he can only say that because he hasn’t experienced the features of the newer Allmates yet, then suddenly hops out of his bag and runs outside the store.

Aoba searches for Ren everywhere, but can’t seem to find him. He stumbles unto a person slumped over in an alleyway during his search. When Aoba meets the person’s eyes, his head gets spacey. The person, or rather, his or her eyes, feel familiar to him for some reason, though he can’t quite place them. After a moment, Aoba is suddenly thrown backwards and when he comes to, the person is gone.

Ren then runs up to Aoba. Aoba asks him why he ran off, and Ren basically answers that he “just felt like it.” Aoba explodes with worry and he regrets he can’t look at Ren properly with the tools he has on hand. Ren tries to insist it doesn’t affect his daily functions so Aoba has nothing to worry about, but Aoba counters it’s affected his usual behavior plenty already and makes Ren promise to try to not act out of control. Aoba starts drawing close to Ren, but stops himself from bumping foreheads after remembering what happened last night. He puts Ren back in his bag and heads back to Glitter, their inn.

Aoba sees another black dream that night where his left leg gets consumed this time. The day he wakes up to is the day of Toue’s event conference. Aoba goes out to the plaza where Toue is shown giving an announcement. He explains to Platinum Jail citizens that he wants to make a world where everyone is hip rainbows all day. He also reveals that his real aim for this appearance is to introduce to everyone someone who is “very much like a son to him,” a boy by the name of Sei.

Looking into the boy’s eyes, Aoba starts spacing out again, but a headache pang sharply brings him back. Everyone else around him, however, gets the characteristic dead fish eyes that indicate they have been possessed. Toue drones on that Platinum Jail will open itself to all the people living in the residential areas outside. Aoba gets angry that he is blatantly planning to turn the masses – the people close to him – into zombies and lashes out at the nearest dude. He eventually gets a call from Haga letting him know they’re alright for now thanks to Tae’s foresight, but the call cuts off, compounding Aoba’s worries. Ren tries to calm Aoba down since his mentality is growing more and more unstable, though it isn’t until Aoba accidentally hits him that he manages to come to his senses. Back at the inn, Aoba resolves to go to the tower to stop Toue on the day of the real event. He firmly decides to use his powers as a means to infiltrate the tower despite the incident with Mizuki being fresh in his mind.

As the night wears on, Aoba talks with Ren about their past together, like how he first got Ren ten years ago and how they essentially grew up together. Aoba thinks of Ren as if he would a brother, though now that Aoba’s gotten bigger, he feels that he’s the older one while Ren is the younger sibling.

They infiltrate the tower the next day and make their way to the top floor via the elevator. During their ride, Aoba notices something sparkling stuck in Ren’s eye. Ren refuses to show Aoba, however, and they end up getting into a fight with Ren insisting that he won’t do anything to slow Aoba down and become useless to him, while Aoba steadily getting angrier since that’s not what he’s driving at. As soon as the elevator stops, Ren runs off. Aoba chases him to a party scene.

While searching through the crowd, Aoba catches sight of himself, then immediately gets a killer headache. The voice inside his mind asks him to consider why “he” might be that important to him… though “he knows why already.” The mysterious voice dissipates as Aoba comes back to reality and is caught by some guards. Ren finally emerges then and runs about frantically as a distraction until a guard kicks him and knocks Ren out. Aoba’s Other takes over and uses Scrap to command everybody at the party to forget that he was ever here.

Aoba meanwhile sees another black dream. His leftover limbs are eaten at the same time he comes to the realization that his “real” self’s wish is to destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy. He wakes up from this dream to a party scene that is now completely empty. Aoba spots and recovers Ren from the floor, though he won’t wake up. Aoba puts Ren in his bag for now and moves on towards the stairs.

Aoba doesn’t get very far, however, before he collapses from headaches. He takes some medicine and while waiting for it to kick in, checks out Ren. Ren’s status screens all display fatal errors, however, leaving Aoba in despair that he’s lost Ren who had been by his side like it was a given for all these years. Aoba eventually manages to remember Tae’s words to not let anything stop him and continue believing in his chosen path and pushes himself forward. The Other takes care of some guards in his way using Scrap… or rather, completely destroys them. The Other blames the real Aoba for this since he allegedly refuses to acknowledge what he really is. He demands that Aoba switch places with him and live as his true self.

Aoba manages to fend the Other off and proceeds forward to a room filled with what seems like test tubes… or big orange capsules. He hears yet another disembodied voice asking him to destroy him or her with his powers – echoing the words of Entrapped Princess. Aoba is rightly disturbed and thus tries to get out of there when he runs headfirst into a mob of Morphine zombies… led by none other than Virus and Trip.

This is what a plot train looks like in DMMd. Fucking sexy.

Virus explains that they are there because THEY are Morphine. He calls Aoba a fragment of Sei, or more specifically, Sei’s twin. He, like Sei, was a designer baby created from scratch at Toue’s research labs for the purposes of breeding human controlling capabilities. Sei is Aoba’s fraternal older twin.

The circumstances of their birth, however, had a number of abnormalities. For one, they were born completely drained of color; two, Aoba and Sei’s hairs were connected, and on top of that, nerves ran through them (which explains why Aoba hurts to have his hair pulled); and finally, they were dead as soon as they were born. Sei miraculously began breathing when they cut their hair, but Aoba remained dead.

Tae took Aoba’s body at the same time she left the lab because she wanted to at least bury him like a normal human; it was her research that allowed this stillborn baby. Aoba, however, came back to life under her care, and Tae made the decision to leave Aoba in the care of a church. Virus speculates this was because even if she wanted to raise him as a human child, she wouldn’t be able to help seeing him as a research subject as a researcher herself. Aoba more or less was raised as a normal boy afterwards.

Virus and Trip explain further that they didn’t realize Aoba was the twin at first. They became a fan of him at the Rhyme matches, and only connected the dots after they saw him use Scrap in that one accident where he ended up killing someone. Virus and Trip, as members of Morphine, then erased Aoba’s memories of him ever having done Rhyme in order to hide the fact that Aoba had these powers from the general public, and even from Toue. It would be their little secret. As for Sei, he currently has barely any strength left to live after he had been mercilessly experimented upon by Toue ever since he was a child. This was why Toue had been calling Tae back with more and more aggressiveness: they needed her to save Sei. Toue did, however, manage to complete a light-based apparatus that gives off the same signals as Sei’s eyes (remember the club!), so he has become “somewhat disposable.” Besides, Toue has access to Aoba now. There may be no longer any need for Sei.

Aoba feels betrayed by Virus and Trip since he believed them to be decent people. Virus says that they just enjoy things that are “compelling, incredible, and easy.” Sei is an “amazing” person, and having the backing of Toue makes it rather comfortable for them.

Virus & Trip Ending

Trip beats Aoba into submission. Aoba tries to use his powers, but they disable him right away. They can detect when he’ll use Scrap from the movement of his vocal cords because they’ve modified their eyes to catch it; they also reveal this is how they’ve watched over Sei all this time. Aoba fades out.

When he wakes up, it’s in Trip and Virus’ room; instead of taking him to Toue, they’ve decided to bring him home on a whim. Toue already has Sei, so they thought it would be okay if they took ownership of Aoba. They say they’ll treasure him, and with time, his body and heart will grow used to theirs. They knock him out.

When Aoba wakes again, it’s been six months since they’ve locked Aoba up in this room. At first he resisted, and they required collars and other restraining tools, but now just by touching, Aoba responds. Trip’s Allmate, a lion, and Virus’, a snake, join in on the… fun…. ;;;;

[CG placeholder since they’re all NSFW. \:D/]

In this space where he doesn’t know he’ll be freed, a single tear rolls down Aoba’s cheek.

Trip tries to beat him into submission, but Aoba can’t give up. As his consciousness nonetheless fades… Aoba’s band of weirdos come to save the day! \o/ They manage to fend off Morphine and take shelter in some side room. As they catch their breath, Clear and Koujaku ask about Ren’s whereabouts; Aoba’s bag promptly moves in response. Aoba hurriedly opens it up to see if Ren is alright, but when Ren emerges, he’s extremely hostile towards Aoba. Aoba suddenly gets transported to a Rhyme dimension by Ren.

Ren bites Aoba, and curiously, what comes flowing into him are feelings of regret, pain…. and a flashback of memories that he recognizes as the same as his. They aren’t his though; what he sees are Ren’s memories, though a lot of them have merged with his. Back in the present, the Other takes over and flings Ren from his arm. As Aoba hurries to pick him up, everything suddenly clicks together, including the reason Ren’s memories are concurrent with his.

The Allmate in his arms is the “object” Ren. The “consciousness” of Ren, the essence of Ren himself, is inside Aoba. When Aoba had been a child, some time before he was able to speak, he vaguely remembers talking with “someone” inside his head. At some point, though, he stopped doing so and ended up forgetting about him. That someone had been Ren, who remained inside of Aoba ever since – until he somehow projected himself unto the puppy Allmate Aoba would procure years later.

Aoba realizes that Ren was once again inside of him now. He then formulates a plan to save him: the Rhyme space is where mentality and physicality coexist. Therefore, he should be able to use Scrap on himself to enter his own mind where Ren rests.

Just then Noiz appears into the field and cockily reminds Aoba this sort of thing is his forte. The rest of the crew join soon enough as Noiz managed to hack open the security, but they are accompanied by a crowd of miscellaneous, hostile Allmates, as well. Noiz explains that there has been a worm going around lately that’s been exploiting a certain bug inherent in Allmates. When users first purchase their Allmates, they have to sync with the Allmate via an online chip to register them. Infected Allmates wear out their users’ mentallity via this connection. Noiz suspects Toue left this bug in on purpose despite continuing to produce a slew of new and “improved” Allmate models (and calls him a tondemonai hentai yarou for it omg lmfao ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \). Mink adds that infection is shown by a fuzzy pixelation near the Allmate’s eye, and it causes the Allmate to go berserk then suddenly stop working. Aoba instantly recognizes that this was exactly what had happened with Ren. Aoba then tells the crew his plan to save Ren and asks for their support. They fend off the attacking junk Allmates as Aoba succeeds in Scrapping himself, and enters the part of his mind that is Ren’s.

Aoba spots Ren in his human form, but with a broken body – which he guesses to be due to the bug. Ren attacks him, but Aoba withstands the pain and apologizes for not noticing Ren’s pain. He remembers him now, and thanks him for being with him for all that time.

You get faced with a series of questions that ask about Ren’s characteristics.

Bad Ending

If you answer them wrong, Scrap fails. Ren goes rabid and attacks Aoba. Aoba feels the sensation of being consumed by Ren over and over – he’s relieving the black dream he’s been seeing as forewarning. Even when his consciousness flies from the pain, when he comes to, he’s back to being eaten by Ren again and again. This isn’t reality; Aoba is trapped in Ren’s mind forever. Aoba’s voice no longer reaches Ren, so instead, with his blood, Aoba tries to ask: Ren… why…? Ren simply growls and stains the screen red.

Good Ending

Aoba finds himself transported to a beach and is faced with Ren’s inner, true thoughts. Ren explains that his role was to protect and stabilize Aoba’s mind. But after Aoba had lost control of it (referring to when he was in his rebellious stage – street Rhyming indiscriminately), Ren’s voice stopped reaching him. Around that time, Aoba decided to take in an abandoned dog Allmate; and Ren thought of this as his chance. He synced himself with the dog Allmate’s chip and projected his consciousness unto the machine during the online registration process, and by doing so, became able to interact with Aoba in the physical world. After the Rhyme killing incident, Aoba had his memories wiped per Virus’ explanation; but along with the wipe went Ren’s memories of originally being a part of Aoba. He remained thinking he was simply an Allmate until the worm infected him. The bug that the worm acts on allows Allmates to feel. Ren explains that because he was synced with the Allmate system, the bug gave him the capacity to feel along with helping him regain memories of what he truly was.

Ren says that these feelings he gained were painful for him, the firsts of which were that of inferiority, jealousy, and despair in regards to newer Allmate models. He also felt fear of being replaced by them at Aoba’s whim. Moreover, he came to the realization that he didn’t want to hand Aoba over to anyone; he wanted to be by Aoba’s side forever. Confused between his feelings and his role, Ren ended up choosing a route that was neither. He sought to erase himself from Aoba by deliberately doing things that would make Aoba reject him. If Aoba strongly rejected him, he would disappear from within him as a mere fragment of his mind. Aoba of course, gets angry at Ren as he listens to his story. He tells Ren that he should know him well enough that he would never abandon or replace him, no matter if Ren bit him or disobeyed him, because he treasured him. Ren counters that he’ll eventually disappear regardless, as his existence right now (with all these conflicting feelings) cannibalizes his role to protect Aoba. Aoba’s body and mind will not be able to sustain this unstable Ren, so in the end, Ren will be eliminated from within Aoba. Aoba tells Ren he doesn’t want him to disappear, and commands him to stay with him.

Ren holds Aoba back with enough strength that it’s a bit painful for Aoba to breathe, but Aoba feels happy because it shows how strongly Ren thinks of him. Aoba makes Ren promise to never try to disappear again.

They return to the Rhyme dimension and join everyone else in kicking fucking ass! They return once more back to the real world where Aoba confirms Ren is back in his dog Allmate form and they bump their foreheads together in relief. The group then discusses Toue’s plans to brainwash PJ citizens at their big event via light and sound technologies, and Aoba decides he wants to save Sei with this opportunity.

gross, absolutely monstrously gross feelings at this cg

Toue suddenly calls Aoba at this timing and tells him to come alone to the top floor if he wants Toue to spare the non-PJ citizens. The group supports Aoba’s decision to go, and they split. Aoba makes his way up there with Ren and once face to face with Toue, asks Toue what his true object is since he doesn’t believe Toue will stop at controlling the people of Midorijima. Toue says he wants to give the island independence as its own country, and in order to do that, he must build up the necessary military power. The common people, however, in times of war, always raise voice of objection for peace and act as obstacle to this. He’ll unite the people under one mind… or rather, put them under his command before they even realize it. Toue maddeningly says that at one point, he realized this grandiose plan of his was a, “sophisticated, DRAMAtical way of murder.”


Aoba asks what he wants to do by establishing a country, but Toue dismisses Aoba’s implication that he’s doing this in order to achieve a concrete goal. He simply wants to see how far his abilities will go. Toue says that if his plans are wrong, then they will eventually be stopped by fate; but the fact that they are still moving forward shows that it is ordained by destiny. He sees his life as simply a game of bets and losses, and humans all a pieces for his board. Aoba gets angry Toue has involved and manipulated him, his friends, and even Sei into his twisted game when they had no desire to. Toue talks over him and calls it fate that Aoba, a part of Sei, would appear before him.

They have a final showdown in Rhyme, and Usui is revealed to be Toue’s Allmate.Ren’s attacks prove rather ineffective against Usui… as Toue explains Usui was made in the image of Sei. Toue taunts that they have the same face.

He reveals further that Sei symbolizes life「生」, while Aoba symbolizes death; and the two hold abilities corresponding to those properties. Toue also explains that Sei spent his entire life barely conscious from all the experimentation on his brain and subconscious, but perhaps out of his desire to escape from the endless analysis and research, he duplicated his self-consciousness and sent them through the net. Using the network, he could travel practically anywhere in the world. Toue, however, took advantage of even this, and inserted Sei’s pieces into alternate bodies… Usui, being one of them. And with the birth of Usui, came the creation of Rhyme. Thanks to that, Sei’s mentality was weakened drastically, but Toue argues that Usui can essentially be considered a Sei No. 2.

Toue challenges Aoba whether he can kill a piece of Sei, his own brother, that’s inside Usui, with his powers. Aoba hesitates, but ultimately declares that death and destruction are not one in the same; there exists a kind of destruction for the purposes of freedom. Ren tells Aoba that in this Rhyme field where the connection between consciousness and consciousness is strong, he should be able to call out to the piece of Sei in Usui, just like how he did with Ren. Ren says he’ll protect Aoba as Aoba enters Usui.

Aoba calls out, “Please answer, brother!” Back in Rhyme, Usui, or rather, Sei, screams. He then mutters, “A… O…. BA….”

“des, tr, y, me …”

Usui’s attacks stop, and Ren delivers the finishing blow. Back in the real world, Toue is… delighted. ಠ_ಠ Aoba won the bet with fate; it was ordained by God that Aoba win. He says it is manners for the loser to retread the stage, and that Sei is in the room beyond. Aoba doesn’t move however and stares at Toue.

Aoba: You, could it be…
Toue: The departure of a bird taking flight should be most beautiful.

Toue leaves, and Aoba enters Sei’s room. In a room filled with dolls and childlike decor, Aoba apologizes to the nearly-comatose Sei for being late.

Sei moves to look at him, who then gets pulled into a Rhyme-like field where he comes face to face with a white, but fully grown, Sei. When Aoba finally hears Sei’s voice, he realizes it’s the one he heard before in the room with the orange capsules. Aoba asks Sei why he is white, and Sei wonders if it is because he wants to go back to the past (when they had been conjoined together). He goes on to elaborate that a part of him didn’t want this day to come; he’s always wanted to meet Aoba, but he will be disappearing very soon… because Aoba will destroy him for him. Aoba begs Sei if he won’t run away with him, and Sei answers that he wants to, but that it’s impossible because his heart won’t hold any longer.

Sei says that Aoba seems to have realized that those game Apps were sent by him to guide Aoba. He wanted to save Aoba, but a part of him also wanted Aoba to come quickly and destroy him. Toue didn’t allow him to die, so he had no choice but to continue living in despair. He held on until today, the day Aoba will come for him. Aoba is overwhelmed by the fact that Sei had to endure all of Toue alone despite them being brothers.

Sei talks to Ren next. Ren was allowed a separate personality within Aoba. Therefore, he should forgive “him” – “he’s” in despair, too. Sei turns back to Aoba and says that Ren was a part of Aoba himself that grew to protect him. Had Aoba ever considered what Ren had to protect him from? He elaborates that there’s another part of Aoba within him that was originally himself; the one holding the power of Scrap. Sei says the Other is not the enemy, and he doesn’t aim to destroy Aoba. Just as Aoba acknowledged Ren, Sei wants Aoba to grant the Other Aoba his wish.

Sei starts disappearing after saying those words, but he says not to worry about him since his wish will soon be granted. He says he doesn’t despite Toue; although it’s been painful, the one who judges what was right in the end is always the individual. The scale of right or wrong is subjective. He gently tells Aoba that he, too, must listen to other’s opinions and come to conclusions that are his own, since his personal judgement defines his whole world.

Sei reiterates that he doesn’t hate Toue, but that he will put an end to it. He bears the brunt of their responsibility. He’ll gather his fragmented consciousnesses to overload and destroy the tower. Aoba declares that he doesn’t want to destroy Sei, but he will do so in order to save him. Sei is thankful that he’s had this one last chance to talk to Aoba.

The screen whites out and Aoba finds himself at a sun-dyed beach. He remembers that when he was little, he always talked to friends inside his head here, until his father approached him and opened up his world for him. He had told Aoba, “it’s alright, since the world can be destroyed at any time.”

Suddenly, in the place where his father is supposed to stand, is Aoba himself – the Other Aoba. Ren starts saying that he and the Other are derivatives of Aoba himself. If Aoba is to regain his true self, they must merge once again; that is, disappear. Ren, however, was acknowledged as a part of him different from Aoba himself, and so was able to gain autonomy. The Other, in contrast, has been neither acknowledged nor absorbed, therefore stuck in painful limbo. Aoba picks it up from here and says that he began to fear the part of him that admired the Scrap ability. After the Rhyme incident, he tried to forget that he could use Scrap at all… but this had the effect of rejecting the Other. All the Other had been trying to do all this time was to remind Aoba that “he” was there, though each time he did, Aoba felt threatened and thus rejected him even more strongly. Aoba knows to accept him as a part of himself now, however. As they match hands, a light shines and the Other scatters into the wind.

After the Other returns inside Aoba, Aoba asks if Ren will be alright. Ren says he’s been acknowledged as separate from him, so he will be fine. This reminds Aoba of Sei who had to be destroyed and he starts crying belatedly. Ren reminds him of Sei’s words to not be bound by just one perspective; Sei probably sees the end result as Aoba saving him, not him being unable to. Aoba and Ren look back quietly out at sea, and Aoba remarks that Ren had always been with him watching this scenery.

Ren suddenly embraces him, and the body heat Aoba feels from Ren feels both warm and lonely. He says out loud that the only place he can see Ren in his human form is limited to here, so that he can’t help but feel lonely… then realizes he said something weird and tries to move away in embarrassment. Ren however pulls Aoba to him strongly and says he wants to be with Aoba more, too. He wants to touch Aoba more.

Ren holds him too strongly leading them to tumble down on the beach. Ren rests his head on Aoba’s nape, and Aoba pats him gently on the head. Aoba is cutely irritated that Ren is bigger than him here. They look into each other’s eyes in the sunset and Aoba thinks this companionship doesn’t feel any different from when Ren had been in Allmate form. Their heads draw closer and naturally kiss. Aoba has the sense that he’s doing something… amazing… since Ren is mostly himself.


Enjoy the sex, it gets really kinky since Aoba gets to feel both sides if you know what I mean. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.*

Afterwards, Aoba cries since he understands Ren will always be with him as an Allmate, but their bodies will never connect like this ever again. Ren tells him not to cry since he’ll always watch over him.

Aoba returns to a flashback of his father telling him to leave his world, since it’s not scary. He can always destroy the world; destroy it, and make a new world beyond. Possibilities are not finite. His father tells him that he’ll make him a new world, and as a sign of that new beginning, he’ll give him the name Aoba.

Back in the tower, Sei’s consciousnesses flood the network and destroy it. Aoba wakes to a blue sky. When he wakes Ren, however, it’s not the Ren he knows. Aoba thinks everyone leaves him – Sei, his Other, and now Ren – and he lets his tears flow. The dog Ren licks his tears.

A year later, Aoba thinks back to all that’s happened on a particularly slow day at work. He’s had a long talk with Tae who answered all his remaining questions. The scene he saw in his flashback was of the church where he was adopted, and it was by a beach where Aoba one day snuck out to and consequently met his future father. His father was a traveler that fell in love with Tae’s adopted daughter after meeting her at Midorijima. Aoba knew that he wanted to follow the man home as soon as he met him. Tae, when she saw Aoba’s face as his father brought him home (and confirmed that he was indeed the twin with the church some time later), decided to take him in because it couldn’t have been anything other than fate that brought him back to her.

Back in the present, Aoba suddenly gets a call asking for him. The voice (which vaguely feels familiar to Aoba but can’t quite place) says his older brother is hospitalized at the place he’s calling from. Aoba naturally gets very confused, but the caller asks if his brother’s name isn’t Sei. Aoba hangs up the phone uncertain, remembering all the people that have left him thus far – Sei, his Other and Ren – and almost gets swept away by his memories. He, however, steels his resolve. He can destroy the world at any time. He can move forward.

Aoba lets Tae know about Sei’s news (she’s probably tormented by guilt, Aoba thinks, but also knows that Sei doesn’t fault her for anything) and makes his way to the hospital. On the way, he gets sent a game App where the princess presents the knight a treasure chest.

A nurse leads him to the room, who chatters on about how Sei had been recovering overseas and finally recovered enough to be transferred to Midorijima. Once left alone, Aoba delicately speaks out to the figure on the bed, and Sei pulls Aoba’s head closer and – licks him, like a puppy. In that moment, Aoba understands the meaning behind the App and the identity of the Sei before him. His brother was giving him a present.

Ren lays there smiling at him like he had been there all along. Aoba touches their foreheads together and tells him, “welcome home.”



JFC I was editing this and all the scenes with Sei made me want to break down and cry my eyeballs and soul out.

1) Sei is an angel

2) Perfect human being

2a) Sei’s sense of justice was a bit hard for me to digest. He says he doesn’t hold a grudge against Toue, but it is hard to find a redeemable trait in the man and company itself. I do think that Toue is not inherently evil (see my Clear post), but why would Sei of all people be willing to forgive him and feel compelled to take responsibility for everything he’s done TO HIM… maybe Sei had an extreme case of a. Stockholm Syndrome, b. achieved a higher sense of being/enlightenment/existence after all that experimentation and swimming through the network, i.e., worldly grudges meant less to him, or c. felt indebted to them for bringing him and Aoba into the world (and consequently being able to meet him). If I had to take a pick I would probably go with c with a little bit of b…

…HOWEVER, it seems that a faint part of Sei is still somewhat at large even in the aftermath of Aoba “destroying” him, since he does send Aoba that game App. Perhaps Aoba only destroyed the Sei that was bound by Toue, sort of like how Aoba “destroys” Koujaku, Mink, Clear, and Noiz that are bound by xyz in their respective minds, and residue consciousnesses of Sei are still out there somewhere in the network.

If I sound desperate to come up with some theory that Sei could be alive, it’s because I am. ・゚゚(ノД`)・゚゚・ For all we know, the App was sent by whoever had been taking care of Sei’s body/Ren in the past year.

2b) Which I am convinced was Virus & Trip because I swear the caller had Virus’ voice but ajodfaodjf I will stop theorizing now ok.

3) Explanation of Ren’s Bad Ending:

Ren is eating at Aoba’s body over and over because he wants to eliminate what separates him and Aoba. He’s a fragment of Aoba’s own consciousness, so getting rid of the boundary that distinguishes them (skin, body – physicality) will allow them to become one (and together forever) again. It is, in a way, a grotesque analogy to sex, and therefore almost heartbreaking because Ren’s inherent desire is the same and yet the way it manifests is… so wrong…

4) Note that Ren will never remember he is a fragment of Aoba without the worm going haywire. :( So in all the other character routes, Ren never realizes who he truly is, and Aoba the same for Ren. Though of course this goes for Aoba and Sei, too – they never get to talk face to face, and what becomes of Sei is… well… I suppose Toue allows Sei to finally die since he’s graceful about admitting his losses even in the other routes, but the point about them never being able to meet still holds. In any case, there is so much Aoba learns about himself in this route that it’s hard to say whether it would have been better for him to never learn the whole truth. Aoba matures to a point that he comes to terms with his own powers and become able to make decisions without faltering, not to mention find happiness, so in the end, perhaps that is enough.

5) Aoba’s father tells Aoba that he could destroy the world at any time, and thus not be afraid to take a step forward and open yourself up to your surroundings. I thought this had a wonderful message behind it for us players. \o/ Even without supernatural powers, we can remodel our worlds and start afresh; all it takes is a little courage.

6) Another morale that may or may not have been intended by the writers but was interesting regardless was the contra of ambiguity. Aoba’s Scrap fails whenever he fails to directly convey something and when he leaves something unacknowledged. This seems to be reinforcing directness which is not a very Japanese value. \o/ But then again, as a BL game, that message might be rather appropriate as the game in itself is counterculture.

7) Final thoughts: DMMd is perfect and I will torch anyone who says otherwise (without a reasonable argument oc). I’ve ranted about how much I like this game so much at this point that the specifics escape me, but I do want to say that the level of detail put into the story is incredible. I’ll never forget when I finally saw the full Silent Oath map in the Liner Notes here – and it hit me why the first App stops with the knight at the beach. Look at Aoba’s church to the right of it JJJJJJFFFFFFCCCCCC! /o\ That totally blew my mind and got me antsy to replay the game immediately. I think I’ll forever be frustrated that there are people perfectly happy to ignore the narrative genius of this game in favor of the pretty アーッ! but I am so glad to have played it and I hope there will be others who will enjoy it as much as I did!

19 thoughts on “DRAMAtical Murder: Ren

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  3. All I can say is: Selfcest and incest on a whole new level. \o/ Somebody kill me.

    I CRIED A LOT AT REN’S GOOD ENDING and I loved Virus and Trip’s ending. Not usually one for “confining the main character” endings but the 3P end just clicked with me. 8DD

    And YES DMMD PERFECT and I hope everyone would at least give a chance to this game whether they are a BL fan or not I don’t care. Just play it for the bloody routes, especially Clear. </33

    • SERIOUSLY… I liked how they made Aoba make that one comment before commencing sexy tiemz with Ren. They were tongue-in-cheek about it at least. xD

      I… .was an emotional wreck the entire time I was playing Ren’s route, too, not only because of the revelation of Sei, but also because I knew this was the absolute last route before I would complete the game and there would be no more developments with these wonderful characters. ;A; When they came together and cooperated in the tower my feels meter was off the charts.

  4. Have you done with it already? That’s very quick. I think I’ll be in Koujaku’s route forever now…

    As far as I’ve played, it’s interesting. I don’t think Clear will be that cool after opening his mask. And Ren is also my favorite!! His voice is calm and I think I can’t wait to play his route (even though haven’t done with any).. It’s my first BL game and I’m satisfied with it. And from seeing your CG posted, I think I can stand the bad end. So for now, I just hope I can stand H scene…!!

    By the way, when seeing BL, my first thing in mind is.. why must that cool or handsome guy be with guy too? Please, give it to me ^^ (This is just my thought, because BL characters were always cool). hehe

    • I actually completed it two weeks ago. xD These posts have been sitting around in my drafts for a while! I had to move out in between the time I finished the game and could edit my notes, but they’re all done now. \o/ Don’t worry about your pace since the narrative does tend to get dense at times!

      I’m happy to hear you’re interested in Clear because he is my favorite character in DMMd sobs. Ren is amazing too, of course, though his route really shines for its plot points. ❤ I hope you stick with it until the end since the way it all comes together in the end is just amazing.

      I know what you mean! But you know what they say, two hot guys are better than one… lmfao.

  5. Wow. Just.. Wow. I started playing this game just because I was bored.. But it sucked me in during the common route already. I went with the official order, meaning Benisuzume, uh, I mean Koujaku; Noize, Mink, Clear and then mystery route, aka Ren. It was and is.. amazing.

    Your posts helped me, because even though I used text hooker and translator, well, it’s still better to have more help. Also, reading your thoughts on the routes was nice.

    The game is amazing. Simply amazing. The fact that each song during ‘bad’ end was different and fitting was so amazing. The least favourite route for me, was Mink’s route, mostly because how.. non-romantic it was/is. Mink as character is horribly intriguing, he’s a very dedicated and ruthless person. Interesting character, but.. Not much of a romantic interest. It was hard, hurdling through his route. I wasn’t surprised that he and Toue had history, to be honest, I expected it. They looked very similar to me, though I admit that I thought that Toue is his uncle/father though.

    Each route had interesting story, if different, yet at the same time you could tell none four routes said everything. In each route when I saw Ren, he was just so.. so very cute I could only squeal in delight. And Clear’s route. Good god, that was such.. emotional route! I totally didn’t expect it to be so serious or so sad. I played to get bad ending first and it was so… *shivers* horribly amazing. Very sad, and sort of creepy and yet.. Even after Toue ‘repaired’ him he kept his attachment to Aoba, even if it got twisted. And the ending song Immer Sie, oh god, oh god, it only highlighted it, how in his own twisted way Clear still loves him. It was so horribly sad… Not to mention yandere voice Clear.. It was so different, yet so fitting, terrifyingly amazing. And the good end was not much better, I was crying during the whole sex scene, it was so.. sad in completely different way. So sad, I was cursing and hailing the creators for making such sad, amazing ending.. Though at least there was a happy end to that sad end. Koujaku, whom I played as first route was a good route for beginning and I think that if I played another route first, I would like it less, but as it is.. I liked it. Noize, oh god, Noize was so.. adorable, in that brattish way, he made me go squee a lot and laugh at him. His bad ending was so.. So saw, overall his backstory was, well, sad. Also, Aoba. I love Aoba. He’s a great main character.

    So, Ren’s route is where we learn everything and was it not a mindfuck trip. Seriously. And the thing with Trip and Virus.. It was.. just whoah. How they are.. Odd, different and how they keep saying and believing and being Aoba’s fan. It’s.. disturbing on whole another level. And them being the real reason Aoba forgot all about the Rhyme (which until I reqad your posts, btw, I was sure is ‘Lime’, lol). Them being Morphine… *shudders*
    And Sei, oh god, Sei. He’s so precious so.. inhuman, so amazing so.. Very.. Inhuman in the way of a god-inhuman, not monster-inhuman. Just, wow. The fact that he can’t destroy anything.. that he’s the ‘life’ aspect.. That he’s just so inhumanly forgiving.. And him wanting to meet Aoba and yet not really believing it possible.. And them then meeting.. So heart-breaking. My feels, oh, my feelings…
    Ren being part of Aoba’s consciousness – now that was not something I expected at all. It was like wall of brick to my mind, I was just ‘whut?!’ for good ten minutes trying to wrap my head around it.. It’s a mindfuck, it is glorious.

    And yes, what you wrote in your thoughts about the Ren’s bad ending.. *shudders* so.. so true. It made me think of Clear to be honest, how their “inherent desire is the same and yet the way of manifesting it is so wrong…” – to paraphrase you. I think that is why those bad ending shook me so bad.

    And Toue, just, just wow. He’s, in a way the best villain I had ever seen in a game. Mostly in how non-cliche he is, how.. un-evil he comes across.

    It’s amazing game, with the very, in a way, interactive plot, as in.. the special effects.. The way the screen shook, or the sounds and visual effects for the headache.. It just.. pulled me into the game. I spent hours upon ours for this game and it was such.. such rewarding experience. I fear that it spoiled all other bl games for me, I fear that I will now compare all other games to DMMd and find them lacking.

    Also, music.. It’s amazing, fitting, and making me giggle here and there. I again mention the ending songs on ‘bad’ endings.. They are just so.. So amazing. Just amazing. DMMd is amazing game.

    And crap, I wrote so much, uh sorry?

    anyway, thank you again for all your posts about DMMd it helped me catch few things I missed and at the same time reading your thoughts about that game was oddly satisfying, especially the parts where I found myself wholeheartedly agreeing with you.

    • I got into DMMd just barely interested, as well – I’ve always wanted to try a N+C game but what really gave me the push were people on my Twitter talking about how shocking some of the Bad Endings were. I didn’t know anything about the premise or the characters and dived headfirst into it… and boy am I glad I did. \o/ I was immersed in the world immediately! I did Clear first (I didn’t even know there was an official order lmao) but I think that actually helped to hook me into the game since his route was so powerful.

      Yes, the songs for each of the bad endings… some are absolutely chilling for how appropriate they are. Immer Sie leaves me speechless still when I listen to it. I think it’s these little parts where you can see the attention to detail the staff put into DMMd is what makes me love the game as much as I do.

      I totally think they intentionally did not go for a romantic angle with Mink, and I am content as long as people understand that. I guess people just had different expectations going into his route, considering how sweet some of these other routes are, so it’s understandable where the negativity towards him comes from. Unfortunately, I’ll be forever frustrated at people that treat him as a lesser character for it. xD Same goes for Toue, too. You can’t subtract any character from DMMd; everyone plays a pivotal part to make it what it is.

      I LOVED Virus and Trip. They totally came out of the left field here – I never imagined they played such a major hand in Aoba getting fucked up; their memory wipe was what caused Aoba’s personas to fragment. Moreover, they were aware of all the players in the game – Toue’s deeds, Toue’s goal, Sei’s ability, Aoba‘s ability and whereabouts – from the very beginning, like an omnipotent rule master. It’s amazing how they come out of the push and pull between Aoba and Toue unscathed no matter which side wins. Depending on how you look at it, they were the most powerful entities in this entire struggle – it’s just that they were smart and DL about it. Their reveal was a huge part of what made Ren’s route as amazing as it was for me. ❤

      Ahhhh I’m so happy you mentioned the sound, music, effects… execution of the game, like I keep saying everywhere I have the excuse to, is just amazing and part of the reason why I want everyone to play the game for themselves. T_T! Written summaries really don’t do the game justice since the timing and emotion in the voice acting, etc. don’t translate that well.

      NO NO no I’m always ecstatic to read comments like yours! Thank you so much for taking the time to write it out, I really enjoyed hearing about your viewpoint on the game also. ❤ Sorry about the tl;dr wall I’m writing back to you. orz

      It was my pleasure! I’m glad to hear we agreed. 8D Since I tend to have strong opinions and there are bound to be people I rub off the wrong way with them ajsdfu.

  6. I finished the game but I f*cked up; I didn’t unlock all the endings in the right order which is why I don’t have the final ”congratulations for finishing the game” CG. Is there any way to fix that by any chance?

    • Sorry for the belated reply. /)_(\ As far as I know, I don’t think there is a way to fix it. Plenty of people have run into this problem (including myself…) so your best bet would be to Google the CG itself or a full comp save file if you’d like to see it.

    ALL THE FEELINGS I HAVE. ;o; Just baw, straight up baw. ;o; I cannot buy this game (expensive! ouo) so I came and read your stuff on it. And, and, now I really REALLY want it. Just so I can get a deeper understanding of these characters. They are so FUCKING PERFECTLY CONVEYED OMG NITRO THANKYOUTHANKYOU. -ahem-

    Adding my two cents in, I think we should get a twin route. Those two are beautiful, so beautiful -sniffles- ialsohaveasoftspotfortwincharacters-flails- Plus, they need more screen time.


  8. Hi there! First off Thank you so much for posting this!
    Secondly, I have a question that I hope someone can answer >.<
    I have finished the four main characters (on my title page I have Aoba, Koujaku, Noiz, Clear, and Mink; Ren disapeared…I dunno if that's suppose to happen) I tried to get Ren's Route or the Twins but for some reason I keep getting Mink's instead. I am following this walkthrough http://chem-is-amani.blogspot.ca/2012/04/blog-post.html
    but in the end I can't get it. Thank you in advance!

    • Hello, thanks for reading!

      I took a peek at your guide, but it seems a little convoluted… I used this one here (http://half-a.net/games1/dmmd.html). Make sure you start from the very beginning instead of loading an old save because there are a lot of extra scenes and choices you have to see. And Ren disappearing is supposed to happen, no worries! I wish you luck!

      • Hi, thank you very much for replying back! And yes it worked, got some bunny choices now! I did try to start from a loaded save. Haha stupid me XP

  9. Hey I’m not sure if you’re gonna read this since it’s been quite some time since you posted this, but I enjoyed your summaries and analysis :)
    I just finished the eng version of the game, and what I really wanted to say was that you didn’t have to get the routes in the correct order to get the congratulation cg, you just had to complete everything. I saw you missed one of the bad endings in noiz’s route. The one after the yes no, and if you pick second option twice(thrice?) there’s another bad ending.
    Hmm I’m not sure if you are aware of this by now, if not, go get that ending! It was a rather interesting one. Heck all the endings were really interesting. Anyway I enjoyed your summaries and analysis nonetheless :)

    • Hmm IIRC the second bad ending just returned you to the title screen without a CG, right? I saw that one, but I chose to not write about it because it just wasn’t as substantial compared to the other bad ending. If I’m remembering that wrong however, then oops. xD Thanks a lot for the heads up, either way!

  10. Ah not that one, at least I dont think! Um it was the 8bit version ending. It’s not that meaningful like the other bad endings, but it was just interesting to see it in pixelated form.
    And also I think the thing with sei was that he had kind of like a Jesus meaning to it?? I’m not bringing up the religion, I just think he forgave toue because he was human and he just has sins like other humans. Or something like that.
    Also, have you played reconnect?

  11. Omg i love this game so much… everytime i played it i couldnt think about something else anymore for 1 week…. noiz route was my most favorite one… but then i played ren’s route.. omg i love this game i can’t describe it. rens route was really perfect but its so sad that its over now… i could cry q_q


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